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If your task on the dealership business is centered on the marketing campaign and you are solely relying on online marketing, you have to consider lots of things before you send those mass emails.  You have to realize that the message you will send to your leads can leave a lasting impression on your company. Depending on how you curate the messages and when you send them, it will directly influence your conversion rate. The same thing can be said with automotive email marketing. 


Top Automotive EMail Marketing



Nowadays, the car industry is not focusing much on the email marketing. However, the study still shows that it has the highest rate of converting those leads. When doing an email marketing campaign, think of it as the last message they will receive from you.  Therefore, it has to be informative and of good quality.  To help you with your automotive marketing campaign, here are the top effective email marketing strategies in car dealerships.


Quality vs. Quantity

 Automotive EMail Marketing

When creating a newsletter, especially for car dealerships, the content of the email has to be accurate, with perfect grammar and spelling, and a concise CTA (Call-2-Action).  Sounds simple right?  However, if you can’t get it right on this initial part, it would be best to learn more about marketing before you launch your campaign.  There’s a great possibility that your newsletter will produce a mediocre result.  Indeed, car dealerships are lowering their standards when creating automotive email marketing; avoid this at all costs.  Be professional and maintain a high-quality newsletter, and you will surely capture the interest of your prospective buyers. The number of emails that they will receive should also be taken into consideration.  If you plan to send them your recent newspaper advertisement, it may not be a good idea.  You can post that on your social media account. The content of your email should still be of optimum importance.


Sort your Leads


Most car dealership companies will email blast their lead list once they have an excellent auto deal; however, ask yourself if this is the right thing to do.  The critical factor of successful automotive email marketing is that the email should be received by those who find it valuable.  Update and sort your lead list, especially if it is a 5-year old lead.  Send only the emails to those who recently joined the mailing list or those who visited your car lot 1-2 years ago.


Refrain from using auto-generated emails

 Automotive EMail Marketing

Whenever you are executing an email marketingcampaign, the chances that the recipient will open it is contingent upon different factors.  One is, of course, landing on the proper folder.  When you are using an auto-generated email, there is a high chance that the system will record it as Spam.  You should also include the name of the recipient in your automotive email marketing.  People love to see their name, and study shows that the chances of opening the email increases when the recipient sees his name.


Track the Key Metrics


Tracking your automotive email marketing campaign is a way to tell if you are executing an effective campaign or not.  You may use Google Analytics to capture the number of clicks on the link included in your email message.  You may set up a tracking number for every email marketing campaign when you want to track it through your phone.

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