DIY Repair: General Plumbing Tips


Any types of problem related to our plumbing system are bad news.  It usually is equivalent to huge expenses and a significant mess.  It is hard to avoid the high cost, especially if it affects the foundation of our house.  However, a simple hissing sound is not always associated with a major repair.  Sometimes, you can repair the issue yourself by having fundamental knowledge about plumbing.  Here are some of the common problems and the general plumbing tips you can use.


General Plumbing Tips on Sink Sprays


DIY plumbing tips

The sink spray found in our kitchen comes with a spray head connected to the hose.  This hose is then attached to the diverter valve located at the faucet's body.  Once you squeeze the handle of the spray head, the diverter valve will be prompted to transmit the water to the spray head. However, there are times when you will notice that the spray is quite sluggish.  The first thing you need to do is to check the hose.  Examine if the hose is twisted.  If it is, disentangling would be the simplest solution.  You may also clean the aerator located at the nozzle of the spray.  However, if the problems become persistent, it can signify a valve problem.


General Plumbing Tips When Locating Leaks

 plumbing tips

Tracing the leak is relatively simple, especially if you hear a hissing sound.  One of the general plumbing tips that you need to remember is listening to the sound and following the primary source of the leak.  If you can't clearly hear the sound, there are listening devices sold in the market that will amplify the noise when positioned close to the pipe.  You may also look for signs of stains on the wall.  When you find a stain, the possible location of the leak will be above it.  You may need to remove the wall where the suspected leak may be located. If you notice a stain on the ceiling, there is a possibility that the source of the stain is above. It would be best to call a professional plumber if this is the case.




Identifying the Problem


One of the essential general plumbing tips that you can do is to examine your utility bill.  If you notice a sudden increase in your monthly utility bill while your water consumption remains the same, then there is a possibility that your pipe has a leak.  You will need to examine the fixtures first to guarantee that all your faucets are closed.  Find the dial meter; if you notice that the dial is moving, this means that the water is leaking somewhere.


Clogged Drains

 General Plumbing tips

There will come the point when you have to address a clogged drain. Mineral build-up is a common cause of blocked drains. When you shower, your hair that falls can accumulate over time, leading to this issue. Perhaps your first instinct is to use those liquid cleaners, but you should avoid using them. It may appear to be an instant fix, but the chemicals added to those products can damage your system. A 'snake would be an excellent tool to clear the debris and unblock your pipes.


Simple problems in your plumbing can be fixed by following some of the general plumbing tips we provided above.  However, once you notice that your plumbing system creates peculiar noise such as loud hammering sound, we advise you to call a professional to deal with the problem.

Essential Plumbing Emergency Tips

 General Plumbing Tips

There is no need to panic when you encounter a plumbing issue. Most of the time, you also do not need the plumber's help to fix the problem. Some of the most fundamental issues can be fixed using simple tools. Regardless of whether you are fixing a broken pipe or a clogged drain, having access to the simple tools will prove useful. At some point in your life, you will have to deal with your plumbing problems. To prevent mess and water damage, remember to follow the simple tips we provided below.


Be Prepared


General Plumbing Tips

Damages due to leaking appliances and broken pipes can lead to costly repairs. It can destroy your floorings walls and furniture. You need to check your appliances and pipes routinely, especially your washing machine's hose, and replace them if there are signs of cracks and damages. If possible, the items in your basement should be off your floor. This way, you will minimize the damages in case the pipe bursts. You should also be aware of how to turn off the water on your appliances and fixture immediately. You need to prepare the essential tools such as plunger, screwdrivers, hacksaw, pliers, adjustable, and pipe wrench if there is a pipe leak.


Eliminate the Clogs

 General Plumbing Tips

A clogged pipe may be a less severe problem than a burst pipe, but it can also be annoying and inconvenient. You should not wait for the clogged pipes to lead to a serious problem. When getting rid of the clogs, you should start with a plunger. It is a cost-effective way to get rid of the tiny particles stuck in your kitchen sink. It also works on hair, grease, and soap clog. If the plunger didn't work, try a drain-cleaning tool specifically designed to unclog the tub drain and sinks. As a last option, you can use chemical solutions. Avoid using this too often since the chemical is so powerful that it can damage your pipes.


Repairing the Pipe

 General Plumbing Tips

Some pipes can break due to corrosion and age. However, a considerable percentage of pipe bursts or breaks happen during the winter season due to the frigid temperature. It can be frustrating, but it is not impossible to fix it. The first thing you need to do is find the damage to your pipe. Some problems are more accessible to fix, such as pinholes. Simply use duct tape or electrical tape on the pinhole. Hairline cracks can be fixed using a pipe clamp. If you are fixing it using a pipe clamp, clean the damaged area first using sandpaper. Place the pipe clamp on the center of the crack and tighten the sides using a screw. Open the valve and watch if there are still leaks.


These are some simple tips during a plumbing emergency. Having the necessary skills and the right tools to fix the plumbing issues will help you avoid costly water damage.

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