Low Capital Business: Where to Find


One of the problems that aspiring entrepreneurs will encounter when starting their own business is finding capital. Some people find this process frustrating. The whole experience will be even more complex due to your wrong expectation and the lack of knowledge. This article will walk you through your different options when looking for low capital business.


Sources of Low Capital Business


Capital for a Small Business

Here are some options that may help you start your small business. Some of the alternatives that we will mention below can be utilized by anyone. However, others can only be used by companies in a particular industry.


Personal Savings Account


Before you even consider the financing options offered in the market, check if your personal savings account has sufficient funds. It is an ideal source of your low capital business. It also gives you better control over the funds. You don’t have to present yourself to the investors and justify your reason for starting a business. Saving money that you will need to start your business will require sacrifice and determination. You will need to give up on some of your luxuries, such as buying new cars and having vacations.



 Capital for a Small Business

Some entrepreneurs choose to utilize their credit when starting their businesses. It would be best to be careful when using this option since you can end up ruining your credit score. If it is possible, you might want to avoid your home equity since the risks are higher. Credit cards are typically used to settle the expenses related to the business project. After you complete the project and the client has settled the payment, be sure to pay your credit.


SBA (Small Business Administration)


Another ideal source of low capital business would be the SBA or Small Business Administration. SBA mostly has unique programs that allow small business owners to apply for a microloan. This financing option can reach up to $50,000, and it is also much easier to apply than the conventional type of loan. Most often, they come with business training intended for beginners. It will set you on the right track and avoid some of the typical mistakes committed by startups. SBA can also provide a 7(a) loan program, which is bigger than the microloan.


P2P Lenders

 Capital for a Small Business

P2P, also known as Peer-to-peer lending, allows you to seek funds from other people. P2P platforms functions as matching service. The limit on this type of financing is considerably lower compared to Microloans. Most of the time, they will have a cap of $25,000-$30,000. P2P lenders are not lending money for the business; but instead, they will lend money to the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can then invest it in their business.


Finally, you might also want to consider Crowdfunding. It is the latest way to finance your business. However, it can only be used to fund a specific type of business. Think of this as a platform where you are presenting the idea of your business to the investors. It is the perfect platform if you plan to sell an innovative and unique product. However, you should have a solid business plan to find low capital business in this platform.

Loans as Low Capital Business


People choose to enter the business world for different reasons; either they want to create their own decision, be financially stable, or fulfill their dreams. However, they need the right low capital business financing to make their dreams a reality. Financing is not just the problem of giant business leaders. It is also a common concern of people starting their own business. With the state of the economy, one can quickly think that getting the money they need to start their business will be close to impossible. 


The Best Type of Low Capital Business Financing


Low Capital Business Financing

People starting their businesses are not just limited to traditional loans. There are different options that they can consider, such as unsecured loans, mortgage loans, and others. Here are some of your options.


Invoice Financing


Invoice financing or also known as accounts receivable loans for business will help you settle the outstanding invoices for a nominal fee. This type of loan is ideal for those in this industry for only three months. With invoice financing, you will get a fast advance of 100% of the total value of your outstanding invoices. This is the maximum amount of advance offered in the market today. It also comes with a minimum interest rate and less documentation.


Startup Loan

 Low Capital Business Financing

Peer-to-peer financing, family loans, Crowdfunding are proven practical ways to finance a startup business. But in case you are looking for a traditional form of loan for your capital finance or for expanding your business, some companies offer different types of loans for business startups. This is ideal for young businesses with a limited history of finance. The only documentation needed is your credit report to certify your eligibility in most cases.


Short-Term Loans


Short-term loans are intended to address your short-term needs in financing. This can be considered as a flexible option. It can help you deal with your unforeseen need for immediate cash. It can also help you take advantage of the unexpected opportunity or use it as a low capital business to expand your business. This is ideal for different types of business structures and only requires a limited amount of documentation.


Equipment Financing

 Low Capital Business Financing

Equipment loans for business are designed as a quick and easy way to finance the entire value of your vehicle, machinery, computers, and the different types of equipment needed to help your business remain functional. The loan term is based on the life expectancy of your equipment since your equipment is serving as collateral for your loans. The interest rate is roughly around 8%-30%, and the money can be received in a matter of 2 days.


Getting a loan is one of the significant problems younger businesses face because of the strict terms being imposed by financial institutions. By choosing the financing of the right agency, you will have the necessary low capital business.

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