Amazing Facts about Sea Salt

Salt has been utilized for ages as an ingredient for preserving food and adding taste to our dishes.  Our body requires an adequate amount of salt, but most tend to consume more than the amount needed. This is since this ingredient is hidden in the customary food that we ingest, for instance on fast foods and processed foods.  The recommended daily salt intake is only one teaspoon or around 2300mg.  However, we can't keep track of it since it is found in our everyday meals.  One essential tip is to avoid using salt during mealtime since the food already contains a high amount of salt. This article will talk about some of the fantastic facts about sea salt.


5 Amazing Facts about Sea Salt


Facts about Sea Salt

You probably know that too much salt is bad for you and that it is not extracted from the rock.  So here are some of the facts about sea salt that you are probably not aware of.


Sea Salt is Once Considered as White Gold



There was a time when the amount of sea salt was limited, and it was considered a valuable commodity.  People even call it white gold, and an amoleh (pound salt) is utilized in Ethiopia as the fundamental form of monetary currency. It is one of the interesting facts about sea salt.  There was a story that the Roman armies were paid with salt, which is why the income is called 'salary.'  But the true story is that they have been responsible for protecting the salt road that led to Rome and are paid with actual money.


Salt Is Used to Dispell Bad Omen

 Facts about Sea Salt

Throughout history, salt has been considered an element that can dispel evil spirits.  In the Chinese culture, people will usually take a bath with salt during Chinese New Year to get rid of all the bad luck.  They also dilute a paper that contains specific notes in a glass of water with salt to wash away any bad spirit.  In the Philippines, it is considered a powerful element that can discourage evil entities.  People will place salt in front of their doorstep to prevent these malicious spirits from entering their house.  Japanese also used it in theatres before the start of every performance.  They believed that there are spirits that could cast spells on the actors, and they sprinkled salt to dispel it.


Only a Nominal Percent of Sea Salt is Used in Our Food


According to the statistics, only 6% of sea salt is used in making our food.  A more significant percentage of the salt mine in the sea is used in the industrial process. About 16% of salt are used in treating our street during the winter season.


Sea Salt Contains the Same Percent of Sodium


Some people state that kosher and sea salt is better for us since they have less sodium.  However, this is just a common misconception.  Sea Salt contains the same percentage of sodium, just like any type of salt.  But a tablespoon of table salt has a higher amount of salt than a tablespoon of sea salt due to the fine grains.


Sea Salt Can Be Used to Kill Fleas

 Facts about Sea Salt

In case that your pet accidentally brought fleas to your home, adding a sprinkle of salt to your carpet and furniture will instantly kill them.  Leave them for about 12 hours before cleaning your carpet with a vacuum.


How about you?  Are you aware of some interesting facts about salt that you'd like us to know?  Please share them with us in our comment section.

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