8 Ways to Reduce PDF File Size


PDF is a great way to create a fantastic document filled with illustrations and images. However, adding a high amount of images can also increase PDF size. In case the document is taking up ample space on your disk, or if you are planning to send it as an attachment, but it's just too large, you may want to reduce its size. Fortunately, various tools will allow you to compress the file and make your PDF more manageable. There are also simple things that you can do to minimize its size.


Tips to Reduce PDF File Size

Here are some tips and tricks that will make your PDF file smaller. While we want to reduce PDF file size, we want to ensure that the quality of the images and the text will remain the same.

 Reduce PDF File Size

Re-Create the PDF File


Recreating the PDF file does not necessarily mean that you have to create your file from scratch entirely. One of the simplest ways to reduce the PDF file size is to eliminate unnecessary objects. You may also compress the images and remove the tags. PrimoPDF is a powerful tool that can help you recreate your file.


Compress the PDF File

 Reduce PDF File Size

OS X and Windows come with powerful tools that allow you to compress your PDF File. It will reduce the PDF file size but only by a minimum percentage. You may also use a program to compress it; Winrar and 7zip will do a fantastic job compressing it.


Using Google Drive



Transfer your PDF file to your Google Drive. Open the file using the Google program and print the document. When printing the file, choose save as PDF. Designate the folder where you are planning to save the PDF file. The size of the file should be immensely decreased.


Using Microsoft Word


Microsoft word can dramatically reduce the size of your PDF file. It can reduce a 500kb file to a 50kb file. You need to open your file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, choose save as your file, and select Microsoft Document. Open the Microsoft document and save the file as a PDF.


Macintosh Preview

 Reduce PDF File Size

Before you proceed with this technique, be sure that you will create a duplicate of your document if something goes wrong. Open your PDF file using the Macintosh Preview. Go to Quartz Filter and then choose Reduce File Size. Save your file, make sure that the document's quality is not affected.


Change Your PDF Setting


You can save your PDF file as default or tweak your PDF setting to reduce its size. You may also choose to use a uniformed font style, especially if you are not using this for presentation. For instance, if this will be used as educational material, people who will read this will prefer a similar font style.


PDF Optimizer


There are also a lot of PDF optimizers that you can use to decrease the size of your PDF file. It will automatically compress the picture, delete the unwanted elements and eliminate the text styles.


Browser Tools


You can also check the browser tools such as NeeviaPDF and SmallPDF that compress the size of the file. Drag the file into their page, and your file will be instantly compressed. After the process has been completed, click download, and your compressed PDF file will be saved on your local drive.


Regardless of whether you want your eBook to be more manageable or if you want to reduce the size of your interactive PDF, the tips we mentioned below will shrink its size.

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