6 Ways to Leave a Good First Impression

Unconsciously (or sometimes consciously), you create a judgment on competence, character, and professionalismbased on your first impression.  Just as how you evaluate these individuals, others make assumptions about you during your first encounter.  It is essential to know the ways to leave a good first impression, especially if your first meeting will turn out to be a long-term relationship.  Below are some tips that you can use that will guarantee that you will create a great first impression regardless of the situation.


Look Straight in the Eye During Conversation


Ways to Leave a Good First Impression

Looking people straight in the eye when interacting with them allows you to create a connection. It is also a form of courtesy; you show the other party that you are interested in what they are saying.  It is relatively simple for anyone to think that you are hiding an essential matter from them when you are not looking at them in the eye.  There is also a possibility that people will feel that you don’t have the confidence or simply refuse the friendship they are offering.


Give Compliments


Think about your circle of friends or your close relationship; they will typically say something nice when they see you.  They never fail to make you feel good about yourself, and you want to be close to them every day.  Perhaps they will not remember what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel.  Nonetheless, avoid overdoing the compliments; it is best to remain authentic and straightforward.


Be There on the Time That You Promised

 Ways to Leave a Good First Impression

If you set up a meeting with someone, make sure that you will be there within the given time window; this is one of the fundamental ways to leave a good first impression.  If you told the other party that you will be arriving at 8 pm, you should not be a minute late.  Be responsible and dedicated to what you promised; people will respect you for staying true to your words.



Be Firm on Your Beliefs in an Intelligent and Respectful Manner


One thing that impresses me the most is the capacity of individuals to be firm on their beliefs.  People who can support their opinion with facts while listening and keeping an open mind to the different mindsets of others are quite impressive.  You can stand up for the things that you believe without sounding arrogant. Also, be polite when discussing your opinions; forcing others to share your beliefs would not be wise.


Be Informed of the Current Events

 Ways to Leave a Good First Impression

It does not necessarily mean that you have to catch up on the latest result of The Voice, but scanning the latest news will help you keep the smooth flow of conversation; otherwise, this will look awkward.  When you meet with someone, there is a possibility that you will have a conversation about the recent events. Being aware of the current events will make you look informed and intelligent. You should also try to read some self-help books that can widen your knowledge of various topics.


Be Prepared


One way of preparing for the first meeting is to practice it.  Try to think about quotes, anecdotes from books that you can utilize in a random conversation. You don’t need to memorize it; that will make you look and sound robotic.  You can practice it with a friend to remain authentic and be more relaxed during the conversation.


Finally, just be yourself.  You don’t want others to like you for something you are not.  There is no point in creating that positive impression when you cannot maintain it.  A relationship starts with a good impression but be sure that what you will present to them is the better version of your true self.

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