6 Foods that Cleanse Our Liver


We don't usually pay attention to our liver, but this gland plays an essential role in our digestive system and is responsible for cleaning the toxins in our blood.  Our liver is around the same size as the football and situated at the lower part of our right ribcage.  It also produces bile that dissolves the fat from our food, and it is also the gland responsible for storing glucose that can be released as energy that our body can use.   Everything we eat, including the medicine we ingest, will pass through our liver.  So if you want it to stay healthy, you will need to feed it with suitablesustenance. Here are some foods that cleanse our liver.


6 Best Foods that Cleanse Our Liver


Foods that Cleanse Our Liver

Aside from drinking a liver-cleansing supplement, here are some foods that cleanse our liver. Keeping our liver is essential to ensure that our digestive system is functioning optimally and the toxins are being expelled in our system.




The garlic contains an elevated amount of sulfur that can trigger the production of enzymes that can eliminate our body's toxins.  A tiny amount of this bulb can have a rich amount of selenium and allicin, which are powerful nutrients that can protect our liver against any damages caused by toxins.  This compound can also support our liver in detoxification.



 Foods that Cleanse Our Liver

The grapefruit has a high content of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which are both potent compounds in cleansing our liver.  Like garlic, the grapefruit contains an element that can activate the enzymes in our liver that eliminate the toxins.  Grapefruit also comes with naringenin, a flavonoid that can help our liver burn fat instead of storing them.


Green Tea


A glass of this healthy drink contains a significant amount of catechins.  It is an antioxidant derived from plant that has been scientifically proven to eradicate the fat that has accumulated and optimize the function of our liver.   It has potent ingredients that will shield our liver against toxic substances, leading to severe damage.


Green Vegetables

 Foods that Cleanse Our Liver

Green and leafy vegetables such as chicory, mustard green, spinach, arugula, and bitter gourd contain viable compounds that can neutralize the heavy metals that pose a severe threat to our liver. Green vegetables also can remove the herbicide and pesticides in our bodies.




Avocado is loaded with glutathione that promotes a healthy liver by guarding it against toxic substances and enhancing its capacity to clean toxins.  According to a study, eating at least one or two avocados each week can repair a severely-damaged liver.





Turmeric may be one of the most potent ingredients in keeping a healthy liver.  It has been clinically proven to protect our liver from possible damage from toxic substances and rejuvenate the damaged cells in our liver.  It can enhance the production of bile, improve the function of our gall bladder and decrease the hepatic swelling duct.


Nonetheless, before you take any of these foods that cleanse our liver, be sure to consult with your doctor.  There are instances that some of these ingredients can interfere with the efficacy of a particular medication.

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