2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty Review


Ford F-Generation was first released in 2017. The 2019 Ford F 350 is the third installment in Ford's Super Duty Series. Ford made sure to keep up with the changing times by implementing all the technological advances on this model. It comes with a Lariat Sports Appearance Package and a new stereo system. The 2019 F-350 Super Duty model is an affirmation of Ford to their commitment to moving forward.


What Can You Expect from the 2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty?


Used Car Ford F 350  Review

Since it hasn't been that long since Ford introduced the F series, there's not much new addition to the 2019 Ford F 350. However, Ford included a Bang & Olufsen sound system that replaced the Sony audio system's previous model. Furthermore, it comes with a new Lariat Sports trim level. It highlights updated 20-inch wheels, black body molding, and sprayed-in bed liners.



Cab Configuration Offers Plenty of Space


If you choose to go with the 2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty, you can enjoy the spacious cabin. Passengers and drivers will surely enjoy that it offers enough leg, hip, shoulder, and headroom. Passengers will find the wide seats super comfortable. You will not experience bumping your head on the ceiling of the truck or bumping shoulders with another passenger. Passengers can recline their seats for the front seat without affecting the space reserved for the rear seat.


Commendable Payload Capacity

 2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty Review

The remarkable payload is one of the most significant selling points of the 2019 Ford F-350. It will range from around 3,761 to 7,027 lbs. It makes it safe to load your truck with bulky items and passengers.



Impressive Towing Capacity


Apart from the high payload, another notable feature of this truck is its towing capacity. Depending upon the configuration and equipment of the vehicle, it has a maximum towing capacity of 32,000lbs. Moreover, users can configure the truck to recall brake gains and BGE mirror settings of the particular trailers. It comes with extended side mirrors that enhance the driver's visibility on the trailer.


Diesel Engine Option

 2018 Ford F 350 Super Duty Review

While the conventional gas-powered V8 engine will do an excellent job empowering the F350, the diesel-powered turbocharged V8 engine of the 2019 Ford F350 will do a better job. The 6.7 L. engine can generate an astounding 450hp and around 935-foot pounds of torque. This feature gives your truck enough power. Combine this with the 6-speed automatic powershift; you will have a smooth ride. 


Aluminum Body


With its massive body size, people may think that it will have some issues with its maneuverability. Its ultra-lightweight body made from aluminum enables the truck to navigate better on tricky turns. When taking corners, the Ford F-350 provides the driver with better feedback. 


Fast Acceleration


With its robust powertrain combined with the lightweight design, you will not encounter any issues when getting the truck to speed. You will feel the acceleration rate steady whether you are driving the family around the community, going on an exciting adventure, or towing the trailer.


6-Speed Automatic Transmission


The 6-speed AT (Automatic Transmission) matched with the diesel-powered 6.7L V8 engine will give you a very comfortable ride. You will notice how it is so effortless to upshift. Downshifting, on the other hand, will feel natural and fluid. If you try to tow a heavy load using your Ford truck, using the tow-haul option will assist in smoothening the significant shift that may happen.


Off-Road Abilities


This truck model will function perfectly as an off-road vehicle. It also comes with an optional fx4 off-road package that will enhance the traction of your rear wheels. It comes with a shock absorber that is tuned explicitly in for off-roading. It has skid plates, decent hill control, and the fx4 sign. This optional package also highlights a 360-degree surround camera view, which gives the driver a view of the trail through the split-view screen display.


Infotainment System


Several manufacturers find it challenging to create a decent infotainment system. Luckily, Ford stepped up their game with their Sync 3 system. It features a user-friendly interface but is still successful in being high-tech with its cutting-edge design and option. It has a Wi-Fi connection, hands-free calling capability, Sirius XM radio, and a 911 assist option. 


Several Driver Assistance

 2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty Review

In terms of driver aids, Ford F-350 is not lacking. It ensures that the driver will have a more comfortable and safer ride. You can add the optional ACC (adaptive cruise control) if you plan to use it mainly for towing load. This feature will notify you when you are going over the towing speed limitation. It will also help in adjusting to the applicable speed.


Why Should You Not Buy Ford F-350

 2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty Review

  • Below Average Handling Capabilities- Ford F-350 is inadequate in its handling capability. While it cannot be described as something awful, there are still so much left to be improved. Going through larger bumps will cause a significant disturbance in your chassis. Hitting the minor bumps is never an issue, but the harder spots will be rough. Other than this, the driving performance of this truck is still commendable.


  • Options are Not Cheap- The Ford F-350 comes with many optional packages. It can be pretty tempting to avail these add-ons on the truck's overall configurations. However, if you are on a strict budget, you need to be cautious in deciding since the cost can quickly pile up. Some options may not be essential in improving your driving experience. 


  • Subpar Visibility- This is always the problem when opting for a super-duty truck. No matter how we look, visibility will be limited, especially on the rear. You will be getting several blind spots, and you will depend heavily on the monitoring system. Sadly, the indicator that comes with your vehicle is on the smaller side. Nonetheless, the system is still helpful since the bulky and tall roof will often obstruct your views.


  • Brakes- It'll take a while before you get used to the brakes of the Ford F-350. Using this at first will feel stiff and disconnected. As the transition completes, the brakes will gradually soften, and it will become more responsive. 


The 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty works well as a family vehicle and a truck intended for towing. Regardless of your purpose in choosing this vehicle, you can guarantee that it will serve its purpose. While it comes with a few drawbacks, the overall performance and quality of the car are still impressive.

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