Sales Lead Generation Strategies on Inbound Marketing?


Leading B2B sales association will not only use a standard lead generation strategy.  B2B organizations today utilize different sales lead generation strategies, including trade show, direct mail, inbound marketing, SEO, and email marketing.  Nowadays, the process is about increasing visibility and creating progressing connections utilizing different channels. Furthermore, the advertisers are driving this procedure, starting and sustaining quality leads before these leads are transferred to the sales.


Best Lead Generation Strategies Through Inbound Marketing

Sales Lead Generation Strategies Through Inbound Marketing: Content Marketing


Based on the study, content is still the foundation of attracting quality leads.  So how can we strictly use the content to draw leads?  The answer would be content marketing.  Content marketing is developing valuable, consistent, and relevant content to attract a targeted audience.  Content marketing is not only limited to the blog site; it can also take in the form of webinars, podcasts, videos, templates, guides, eBooks, kits, and others.  The first goal is to attract the correct type of visitors to your page.  You have to keep them engaged on your website for a considerable amount of time without the need for them to give their private information.  Nurture the leads by keeping them engaged and sharing the content to their social media account.  Once your website attracts a considerable amount of traffic, you may use specific B2B sales lead generation tools to get the contact information of the person who visited your site, such as email address, company name, company information, etc.


Lead Gen Through SEO


There is no doubt that a website plays a crucial factor in attracting qualified leads.  However, before you may draw qualified leads, there are many things that you need to do.  The first is to optimize your website to rank higher on search engine sites.  Once you start attracting visitors, you have to ensure that your website will instantly grab their attention.  You can do this by introducing animated video explainers, intriguing content, and others. Create a CTA that will allow them to share their information freely.  You should be aware of where to place the CTA and why they should click the CTA button.  If it sounds like trouble to you, you can also use the tools such as "" that can pull in the accurate email address of the visitor. Your SEO strategy should be added to your Sales Lead Generation Strategy Through Inbound Marketing.


Create a Landing Page

 Web Design

The landing page aims to capture the information of the visitor, such as the name of the user.  They must get something in return to share their names, such as an eBook or a discount.  You also have to give them a confirmation and a small thank you when they provide their email address and name.  You can now nurture that lead by sending them a personal thank you note on their emails.  Be sure that your email will not sound automated. You can use an online tool to identify the audience's online behavior to personalize your message to them.


Top Sales Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades


You've made some well-written content that relates to the product and services you are offering. You are getting a substantial amount of traffic on your page, and the audience's engagement level is dramatically increasing. Unfortunately, one of the most important parts of your digital marketing is not doing that great; the email list. Here are some ways to boost your lead generation strategy through sales lead magnets and content upgrades.


Choosing the Topic


Sales Lead Generation Strategies

The topic is the most crucial part of building your lead list. When finding a topic, make sure that it will deliver information. It should be the topic that most of your audiences want to know. No matter how well-written your content is, it will still fall short of your expectation if it does not offer a solution to their pain points. Also, use a conversational tone, be sure that your audience will find it relatable and engaging.


Shorter Lead Magnets


Most of us think that a longer eBook and instructional guide are the ideal lead magnets. Based on the study, lead magnets that will take you three weeks to complete will have a similar effect to the lead magnets that you finished for less than a week. If your content posted 5% opt-ins, you might need better sales lead magnets. Shorter lead magnets like infographics, checklists, and short videos posted a higher engagement and completion rate.


Be Direct, Concise, and Specific

 Sales funnel

When you promote your content to increase your subscribers, be sure that you will be specific. For instance, content with the title "How to Achieve Financial Stability" has lower opt-ins than an eBook titled "How to Increase your $5 to $500 In Just One Day." Make sure to deliver the benefits of your lead magnets in just a few words. Avoid using jargon that may complicate things. The reader should understand how valuable the resources are after reading the title.


Optimizing Opt-in Buttons


The words that are written on the opt-ins are called CTA or Call-To-Action.  Getting the CTA right can increase the effectiveness of your sales lead magnets. You should use more than just the word "subscribe" if you want to attract the attention of your audience. Be precise, use words such as "Download the tutorial video" "Get Free Tickets."


Different Sales Lead Magnets

 Sales Lead Generation Strategies

Be aware of the different types of lead magnets; you should not focus on just one type. You can use video course, infographic, gear list, checklist, eBook, coupon, tickets, samples, free membership, quiz, trials, giveaways, and others. We recommend using lead magnets that your audience can easily digest and offers high value.


·         Creating a Cheat Sheet- If you have been blogging for quite some time now, you may have acquired several pieces of content designed to help the online community. If you want to create better sales lead magnets, you may create cheat sheets that your audience can access in exchange for their email address.


·         Transcription- If you share podcast or video content, offer your audience a transcription of the podcast as sales lead magnets. This can also increase the number of opt-ins.



Building your list is an integral part of digital marketing. Your lead magnets must be effective to gather more opt-ins. Follow our suggestions above if you think that your current lead generation strategy is not helping you build a solid marketing list.


Lead Nurturing Strategy That Every Business Should Know


According to the experts, only 25% of people on your marketing list are ready to initiate a sale. 50% are valid leads but are not interested in your offering at the moment. The remaining 25% are not qualified. This means that you have a possible 75% of customers in your lead list that can be converted. However, how do you encourage the 50% to be interested in your offerings? Sales lead nurturing can help you with that. Some research claimed that lead nurturing emails could generate 8% CTR compared to the 3% of traditional email marketing.


How to Write Emails for Sales Lead Nurturing


When performing your lead generation strategy, there is a great chance that the user will be directed to your landing page. Once they complete your opt-in form, they can be directed to your sales funnel. However, they will remain cold and dormant leads if you don't nurture them. How do you write an effective sales lead nurturing email to maximize conversion? Here are different emails that you can develop for your lead conversion strategy.


Informative Emails

 Sales Funnel

If you plan to send only one sales lead nurturing email, the informative email would be the best for you. Educating your lead about your company's solutions is a critical step in initiating a sale. Lead Tracking would be valuable when educating your consumer about what they need to know. It will show their behavior on your landing page, such as the page they frequently visit, things they download, how they interacted with your page, etc. When creating an informative email, remember not to focus on sales but your product's solution.


Personalized Email


One of the most popular types of sales lead nurturing emails would be personalized messages. Refrain from opting for an automated type of email. When creating a personalized email, you have to learn what matters most to the prospected buyer. If he needs a technical solution, you may want to ask your technician to send him a message.


Engaging Email


If your lead is no longer clicking on your email that often, you need a different approach to how you can entertain him. You have to alter the content of your sales lead nurturing emails to be suitable for the needs of your prospects. If the engagement does not show any improvement, it might be the right time to weed out this lead.


Self-Help Emails


Many people are always searching for information that can help them improve as a person, with their job and their hobbies. Send the sales lead nurturing email that offers value, such as generating ROI, losing weight, improving relationships with family, friends, or partners, securing your dream job, getting promoted, and others. Give them the notion that visiting your landing page can give them the things that can improve their motivation.


These are just some of the approaches to writing emails for sales lead nurturing. After employing this strategy, most of the companies have shown a significant increase in their CTR.


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