Website Development Tips to Increase Your Sales this 2022


Ecommerce site owners may not be aware of it, but their web page (from the landing page up to the fulfillment page) directly affects their business sales.  Even the tiniest element in your website can reduce or enhance the rate of conversion.  During the website development stage, you have to see things from the perspective of the consumer.  It is natural that you want it to look beautiful but avoid making it too artsy.  Make it intuitive but refrain from using flash animation since it can reduce the speed of your webpage.


Website Development Tips That Will Transform a Visitor into a Customer


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There are different ways in how a particular element in your storefront can affect the customers' decisions.  Through A/B testing, you would make your E-commerce site intuitive and ensure that your site remains appealing to the consumer.  With extensive experience in the website development industry, we have seen the things that work and those that do not.  Here are some tips proven to increase sales.


Ensure the Visibility of Your Shopping Cart

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Think about it, when you are shopping on an online store, you do not want to go to the shopping page to verify that your item has been successfully added to your cart; you wish to have instant confirmation.  An eCommerce site should have a section in its storefront that shows the number of items in the consumer's shopping cart.    Making this information visible and accessible makes the transition much easier from the shopping page to the checkout page.  In addition, it is not enough that you add this information in the random part of the storefront during your website development project; make sure that this will pop out.


Optimizing the CTA Buttons


Customers and visitors will respond differently to the CTA buttons.  For example, if the button will say 'learn more' or 'click for more details,' the customer's response is relatively low since the CTA is indirect.  Using a more specific Call-to-Action like 'Buy Now' will elicit a better response.  The shade of your button is also a crucial aspect of your website development project.  Red and orange can cause a negative impact, and gentler colors can prompt other people to follow up.


The Product Page

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Arranging your product page is another critical part of your website development project.  You need to make sure that the consumer's attention will be instantly drawn to the information that will interest them.  Reviews are essential, but they should not be the first thing that consumers see.  Positioning the image of the product on top is necessary; followed by the name of the product, description, price, and features.


4 Things to Remember About Website Development Project


When creating a business website, you have to be aware that there are many things to consider.  You have several options to choose from regarding tools, features, widgets, layout, and others.  You may pick a website development project tool where you easily drag and drop all the elements on a pre-made template, or you can start from scratch to make it more unique.  No matter what options you opt for, be aware of the common website development mistakes that you might commit.

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Website Development Project: Text


When someone visits your site, you have at least 2-3 seconds to impress them.  A simple glance at your webpage can make them decide whether they should stay on your page or not.  The text on your website can be one of their determining factors.  Simple phrases and sentences are the souls of your website.  When thinking about the text you should incorporate in your website development, you need to think about the average internet user.  You have to use short sentences and easy-to-understand phrases. Reiterate the facts on why they should choose your product or services and what solution your company brings.  On your landing page, make sure that you will not stuff it with lengthy essays.  The description should be precise, direct, and straightforward.



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During your website development project, you have to remember the proper positioning for your company logo.  The logo you will use should be similar to other forms of advertising you use to improve your company branding.  Your logo should represent the core message of the company.  Also, do not forget to use the logo of the company in your favicon.  Having a logo in your website helps the customers recognize your business. Make sure that the logo reflects the story and values of your brand. It should not appear too complicated since it can look cluttered when added in your website.

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Name of the Company


If your company does not have a name yet, you should think about how it will look when you use it as a web address on your website development project.  Make it simple and direct.  It is relatively challenging to remember a site with the URL "" On the other hand, if you already have a name for your company, you should fit it in your URL.  You need to shorten your company's name and make it easy to remember, such as



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During your website development project, you should already have a set of pictures that you will use on your website.  You need a photo of the product you are offering, a photo for the about section, bio section, and many others on different pages, and the background of your site.  You can choose to utilize a stock photo over the internet, but we do not recommend it.  You want an image that will uniquely reflect your company.


The website development project is fun, but you have to remember that it is a part of your business, and it will serve as the face of your company online.  You need it to evoke professionalism, expertise, and reliability.

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