Unique Organic Ways to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

Video Marketing is currently the core of most businesses' content marketing campaigns.  While Twitter and Facebook are now providing a platform to upload video, YouTube is still the leading platform for video marketing.  If you have your channel on this site, you may be thinking of organic ways to increase subscribers on YouTube. 


Tips to Increase Subscribers on YouTube


Increase Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube has been gathering at least one billion unique views monthly. There is a massive opportunity for you to boost your video marketing strategy and increase your subscribers on YouTube by following these steps.


Monitor Your Audience's Level of Engagement


The experts say that good storytelling can never be replaced.  It is an excellent way to keep your audience engaged.  Every YouTube Channel comes with a dashboard that will help you identify the typical behavior of your audience.  Once you click the dashboard, you will be able to see a measure of your Audience Attention.  It is the level of engagement of your audience; it typically states the amount of time spent by your audience watching videos.  If you have a solid-red score, then it means that you are doing great.  Video marketing can be separated into two categories; informative and entertaining.


Informative Videos to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

 Get millions of Subscribers on YouTube

Here are some factors that say that your informative video is excellent, which will help you increase subscribers on YouTube.


·         Keep the Early Attention Level Low- When you monitor the level of engagement of your informative video, you will notice that the early attention is low.  It is because people can already decide whether they can learn something from your video or not.


·         Late Attention is Elevated- People who decided to watch your video for at least two minutes will likely finish the entire video.


·         Systematic Steps- The audience tends to get pulled in on videos that are presented in organized steps.  Some people even take down notes to help them in performing the task.


·         Length- In an informative video, there is typically no recommended length.  Cut your video after you managed to provide the solution to your audience.


Entertaining Videos


·         5-second- remember that your YouTube video needs to grab your audience's attention in the first 5 seconds.


·         Relatable- when creating an entertaining video, you need to make it relatable.  Learn the technique in creating a good story that will encourage people to stick with your video.


·         Short- As opposed to the informative video, the entertainment video needs to be brief.  It may be necessary to keep your video 1-3 minutes long.


Using Annotation to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

 Get millions of Subscribers on YouTube

Annotations are the notes that appear on the video that will help you increase subscribers on YouTube.  Annotations have three distinct purposes; you may use them to add CTA (call-to-actions such as subscribing), put a spotlight to direct the people to a product after clicking the annotation, or link to your other videos.  One great way about annotation is that you are in complete control of where the annotation should appear.




There are a lot of factors that you need to think about when planning a good video that will help you increase subscribers on YouTube.  You need to think about your keyword that will maximize your visibility on search engine sites.  You may do this by creating a transcript of your video that will help Google index your video.  You also need to create a good blog site where you can share your video or increase your followers on your social media account where you are planning to share your video.



 Increase Subscribers on YouTube

If you have a lot of audience on your website, you may want to add a YouTube widget to your site.  You may embed your YouTube video on your site, which will increase the percent engagement of your audience.  You can also use a Subscription graphic that will encourage the visitor to subscribe to your YouTube account.


Finally, you need to understand that the real secret to increase subscribers on YouTube is remaining consistent with your actions.  The 'superstars' on YouTube have these qualities; they are dedicated to creating a quality video in the same schedule.  Some channels find success in just a matter of days or weeks; for others, it may take longer.  You need to execute a constant action to grow your audience, and you know you will soon be reaching a significant number of subscribers.

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