Tips in Choosing the Best Hiking Sandals

When going on a hiking trip, you definitely want to wear the best hiking sandals to protect your feet and grant you stability on different terrains.  It would be best to look for a pair that gives your feet the proper breathability, especially when hiking during summer.  Choosing suitable walking sandals for your feet will prevent blisters or other injuries from occurring.  You should always consider durability, comfort, stability, movement, tread, style, and thickness.  They should also be able to absorb moisture without being damaged.


How to Choose the Best Hiking Sandals?


Best Hiking Sandals

If you plan to wear a sock during the trail, you should bring the socks to the shoe store when buying the best hiking sandals.  It is not enough to figure out the distance between your toes and the front of the hiking boots.  Try to stand up and tap your feet on the ground a few times and see if it fits perfectly.  You should also be able to insert two of your fingers on the back of the hiking shoes.  Always remember that there should be enough room on your walking sandals to prevent the formation of blisters but not enough gaps that can hamper you while you are on a trail.  Take a few steps around the store to get a nice feel of the sandal.


What Features Should I Look for?

 Hiking Sandals

There’s a vast selection of sandals in the market designed for hiking.  Depending on their unique features and material, there will always be a perfect hiking boot for everyone.  

  • There are those with molded Ethylene-vinyl Acetate on the midsoles that can significantly reduce the wearing and tearing.  It almost feels like a gel on your feet that can adjust to your every movement so your feet won’t feel unnecessary pain even on long terrains.  
  • Check on the toe cap if it is well insulated.  A well-protected toe cap on the best hiking sandals allows them to withstand heavy climbing.  There are also walking sandals made from hydrophobic materials that let them dry easily. 


 Tips in Choosing the Best Hiking Sandals

  • Sometimes, hiking sandals can also be combined with hiking boots.  The interior is made of a comfortable and breathable material, while the exterior part is sturdy and keeps your feet covered from the debris scattered on the trail.  
  • If you want the classic sandals, there are also traditional types of sandals available on the market but with new features such as a hiking sandal with a quick-release type of buckle that gives you a tighter fit.  It reduces the amount of friction that can cause blisters. 


The best hiking sandals also come with a mesh cover to allow proper breathability; it is also essential to examine the lower portion of this footwear.  A good walking sandal should be able to prevent any sharp object from penetrating your feet.  It should be durable enough to withstand any challenge and sharp shale.

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