Tips in Choosing the Best Hiking Hats


Summer would always be the best time to go hiking; clear skies, more extended daylight, and it is also the time for a vacation.  Unfortunately, clear weather also means that you have to brave the scorching heat of the sun.  During your hike, most of the nearby trails will have no shade to provide to the hikers.  Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the best hiking hats.


Tips in Choosing the Best Hiking Hats

How to Choose the Best Hiking Hats?


When choosing the best hiking hats, you must never forget two things.  First, good hats should provide you with adequate protection from the sun.  Wide-brimmed walking hats would be perfectly suitable to wear during the summer season.  You can also use sun hats with a fabric that covers your neck.  Look for a cap that comes with the right amount of Ultraviolet Protection Factor.  Second, you might want to choose an item that has straps.  Most of the wide-brimmed hats tend to fly away during the gust of wind.  It is crucial to find one that perfectly fits your head, but a strap that you can secure on your neck would be even better.  The strap also becomes handy when you don’t want to wear the hat; you can just let them dangle on your back.


Why Choose Hiking Hats with UPF?

 The best hiking hats

One of the traits of the best hiking hats is their UPF score.  The UPF determines the capability of the hat to protect you against the harmful UV rays of the sun.   A headwear should have as much as 50+ UPF to be considered a good hiking hat.  Beanie hats that are made up of nylon are also becoming more popular with hikers.  They are choosing a nylon bucket hat to dry up easily in case it gets wet.  Others are choosing a cotton-based men’s hat as it provides them more comfort.


What Are Other Unique Features of Hiking Hat?

 Bucket Hats

Other walking hats also have unique features to offer.  Some of the best hiking hats have a web of fabric above the crown for better ventilation.  Others have small pockets wherein you can put your necessities.  Bucket hats are also installed with foams to ensure that they will float in case that you drop them on a shallow water area.  Some sun hats are also treated on a specific insect shield formula to keep the bugs away.  It is an odorless headwear that prevents the bite of insects.  Some hats are perfect to use during the rainy season.  They are usually made up of Gore text, so you can ensure that the rain will not penetrate your hair.  Hats like this are not recommended during the summer season since it is made up of a specialized textile that does not let the air escape.  You will get a small portion of breathability when you begin to sweat, and it may prove to be a huge problem during the summer season.

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