Things to do in New York City


The experience of going to New York City can be overwhelming.  You will be blown away by the majestic monument and enormous city skyscrapers.  There are many things to do in New York City, from fashion to arts or even food and nightlife.  To help you narrow down your long list, here are the top things you must do when in this majestic city.


Visiting the Central Park


Things to do in New York City

This park/concert hall/museum is nestled in Central Manhattan.  Most of the famous destination and attraction is situated near Central Park.  Other tourists use this route to go to other notable places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim.  However, to experience the life of a New Yorker, you have to visit this 843 acre Park.  It is a good place for people-watching; some are exercising, dining, and going to the zoo, and a whole lot more.


Almost everyone has nothing but good things to say when visiting Central Park.  Each of them has a different experience in Central Park because there are really many things to do in New York City.  You can go to Alice in Wonderland, Bethesda Fountain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Loeb Boathouse, Strawberry Fields, or Wollman Memorial Rink.  You can visit Central Park from 6 in the morning up to 1 am.  If you want to enjoy Central park, you have to go there early in the morning or evening.


Promenade Across the West Village

 Things to do in New York City

The streets of West Village have remained untainted and unchanged since the 19th century.  You’ll need a map and someone good at navigating a map.  Nonetheless, it could also be nice to walk around and let your feet take you wherever you want to go.  Some of the notable places here include Jefferson Market Courthouse, which used to be a detention center for women ( this is where Mae West was imprisoned), and the stores and shops on Commerce Street and Bleecker Street.  You may want to disregard the long line outside the Magnolia Bakery and focus on more important things to do in New York City.   The long queuing is for people who want to get a taste of cupcakes.


American Museum of Natural History


This Museum houses a massive collection of artifacts that makes it incredible. It features shops and a cafeteria that is a major crowd drawer.  At least 32 million artifacts can be found inside the 45 halls of this Museum.  It’s just too impossible to see everything in one day.  You should try visiting the hall of the universe, the dinosaur display, and even the Butterfly Conservatory, which is only on display from October up to May.


The only drawback of the Museum is the crowd of people visiting the place. But if you want to experience the site with fewer people, you should go to this place during the weekdays of spring or late winter.  You don’t want to miss this Museum when listing your things to do in NY.


Film Forum


If you are a film lover, it is natural for you to visit the Film Forum.  You can see here movies that you’ve never seen before.  There’s an extensive collection of different genres ranging from thought-provoking indie films to highly acclaimed international films.  Movie buff tends to put it on top of their things to do in New York list.


Empire State Building

 Things to do in NYC

Your vacation in New York will never be complete without visiting the infamous Empire State Building.  It is more than just a famous structure climbed by an enormous ape.  The architectural design of this building is grandiose and breathtaking.  There’s a huge possibility that you are not the only one planning to visit the structure, so take an ounce of patience that you may use while waiting in line.  To avoid the long queue, it is recommended to visit during lunch or dinner time.

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