Things to do in Macau

Macau is the only territory of China where gambling is allowed.  It is the Mecca of the game of chance, but there are more things to do in Macau than just gambling.  When you visit Macau, you will instantly feel the rich influence of the Portuguese culture mixed with the vast Chinese culture.  The colonization is evident in Macau attractions and structures. Here's how you can enjoy Macau tourism without playing the game of chance.


Take a Ride on the Gondola

 things to do in Macau

You do not have to wait for a vacation in Europe to enjoy the ride on a Gondola.  Macau attractions offer the traditional Italian rowboat complete with a singing gondolier that travels through Marco Polo, Grand Canals, and San Loco.


Taipa Village

 things to do in Macau

If you happen to be in Macau, the Taipa Village is not something that you should miss.  There are only two traditional villages in Macau, and Taipa is one of them.  Here you can get a hint of the colonization period.  You can promenade along the street or sit down the Avenida de Praia and gaze around the picturesque beauty of the surrounding.  Visiting Taipa is one of the best things to do in Macau.


Visit the Ruins of St. Paul


When a raging fire engulfed the Church of Mater Dei and St. Paul College, the facade of what was left came to be the famous ruins of St. Paul.  It is one of the most famous landmarks in Macau tourism.  People thought that it was initially a cathedral, but it was not.  It was declared as a Unesco World Heritage site last 2005.


A-Ma Temple


Based on history, they believe that the name of Macau was derived from this temple.  The local fisherman and seafarers built it in 1488 as an offering to their Goddess, Matsu.  It is one of the oldest temples in Macau. As the story goes, when the Portuguese explorer landed on this place, they only heard the locals say "A-Ma-Gau," which resulted in Macau's name.


St. Lawrence Church

 places to visit in Macau

Built in the 16th century, the St. Lawrence Church is one of the three oldest churches found in Macau.  Nestled in the southern tip of Macau, families who reside near the church usually go to church to pray for their loved ones' safe journey, mostly seafarers. The windows and the chandeliers of this church are designed with stained glass that adds to its charm.



Macau Tower

 places to visit in Macau

One of the most popular attractions, the Macau Tower, has received a lot of world leaders and notable figures since it was built last 2001.  It also became the venue for major events, fair trade shows, and other momentous occasions.  If you want to get the best experience in Macau tourism, this is the place to go since you can get the perfect 360-view of the entire Macau.  If you are a little adventurous, sky walking, bungee jumping, wall climbing, and sky jumping are some of the things to do in Macau.




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