Things to do in LA

The things to do in LA are as vast as the city.  Most people will not have enough time touring Los Angeles, California. You can spend your entire day inside the Chinese theater, and you will not even make it to the other attractions.  For this reason, tourists keep coming back to this city.  Look at the list below and see if these are also some of your favorites.


People-Watching in Venice Beach

 Things to do in LA

Venice Beach is the place to go if you want to experience life in Los Angeles, California.  It would be fun to watch people doing different things like skateboarding, bodybuilding, writing controversial and radical pamphlets, and others.  Your day activity can range from visiting Figtree’s Cafe to grabbing some lunch and browsing the bookshelves of Small World Books.  The district is also a gay-friendly community.  People-watching in Venice Beach is one of the best things to do in LA.


Marvel around the Hollywood Boulevard

 Things to do in LA

The Hollywood Boulevard is home to the most popular attractions in Los Angeles, California.  You can visit the Chinese Theatre, which hosts the premiere night of many films.  It is where you can see the handprint and footprints of prominent screen legends like Marilyn Monroe and Jack Nicholson.  Other notable theatres that you can find here include the Dolby Theatre, Egyptian Theatre, Golden Age Theatre, and El Capitan Theatre.


You can find a lot of museums here, like the famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds, where the audience can see the wax replica of their favorite personality and interact with them. Head to the Guinness Book of Records Museum, where you can see some of the most unbelievable and sometimes outrageous records in history. There’s the Hollywood Museum where memorabilia of famous personalities and movies are on display and others.


Visit the Getty Center

 places to visit in LA

A museum that is an envy of every museum globally, the Getty Center is truly a masterpiece and a work of art.  You can find here the work of Vincent Van Gogh; Irises believed to be painted while Van Gogh is in a terrible mental condition.  The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in the Morning Light by Claude Monet also resides here in this museum.  Other notable art pieces include Cabinet on Stand by Andre-Charles Boulle, An Old Man in Military Costume by Rembrandt, and the Coronation of the Virgin by Gentile Da Fabriano.  You can find works of art that will leave you gasping in awe if you visit this museum in Los Angeles, California.


Shop in Rodeo Drive


If you are familiar with the movie Pretty Woman, you should be aware that Rodeo Drive is a fashion haven.  It is a home for the world’s top and high-quality designers.  Sadly not everyone can afford the price, so they tend to do window shopping.  Shopping in style should be on your list of things to do in LA.




places to visit in LA

LACMA or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a 20-acre stunning piece of structural art.  The defining point of the museum is the Urban Light on display at the entrance of the museum created by Chris Burden.   It is the home of Diego Rivera’s  Retrato de Frida Kahlo, La Gerbe by Matisse, Cliff Dwellers by George Bellows, the Ardabil Carpet, The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame by George de la Tour, and other contemporary pop culture found in Los Angeles, California.


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