The Importance of Mobile SEO

 Mobile-friendly SEO

It is so essential for the business to have a mobile-friendly site.  Responsive and mobile-friendly sites have a higher SERP than other websites.  It also allows the users to access your site using different gadgets and ensure that there will be zero issues.  The recent changes implemented by Google on mobile-friendly sites are due to the number of people accessing websites using their smartphones.  Based on the research, the number of people using their gadgets has long surpassed desktop users.  The importance of mobile SEO to the business is undeniable.  It can ultimately increase their visibility online and allow people to access their site using different handheld devices.

Determining the Importance of Mobile SEO and How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

 The Importance of Mobile SEO

A responsive website means that your website can change its size and adapt to different handheld devices.  To create a mobile-friendly site and reap the importance of mobile SEO, you need to follow some simple rules.


·         Refrain from using programs that are not familiar with mobile devices such as Flash.  Flash will affect the user experience and will do nothing to improve your site SEO.


·         The text should be readable even without zooming in.


·         Try to place the link far from each other so your user will not have any trouble clicking them.


Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

 Mobile SEO

If you are still unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, you may utilize the webmaster tool of Google that determines if the website is responsive or not.  Some, not mobile-optimized sites have already received a penalty from Google by giving them a lower SERP ranking and search engine visibility.  The importance of mobile SEO can also be seen in load time.  The extent of time needed to load a mobile-friendly site is also faster compared to a non-responsive site.  The load time can affect your bounce rate and engagement rate.  These rates signify the amount of time that users spend on your site before transferring to other pages.


The Opportunity it Offers

 The Importance of Mobile SEO

Handheld devices and smartphones have liberated the online community away from their desktop, which is essential for people on the go.  It means that people can search for a place to eat immediately when their favorite restaurant is fully booked.  They can now fulfill immediate needs and requests.  The importance of mobile SEO translates to a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers.


Entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to attract a new set of customers by having a mobile-friendly site. That is the importance of mobile SEO; it allows you to provide an immediate solution to the people on the go.  It exposes your business to a wide range of online audiences. Based on the statistics, more than 60% of online search is executed using their mobile device- that is a lot of audiences to consider if you are running a business.

Mobile SEO on Responsive Web Development and Mobile Search


Mobile SEO

In the fast-paced world of today’s technology, especially in anything associated with the internet, it is easy to be distracted and get lost. The thought of seeing everything change right before your eye and in just a matter of one day can be overwhelming. However, there is something that you should be paying attention to, especially when you have a small business or you are managing a website; mobile SEO.


More and more industries are now shifting their attention toward mobile SEO. Even Google, the major search engine site, has updated its algorithm, and they now highly prioritize the websites that develop a responsive and mobile-friendly design. That alone can tell you how essential mobile innovation is. Furthermore, many experts believe that mobile has become the major platform and will continue to dominate the online landscape in the coming years.


Mobile Search

 Mobile SEO

Pew services surveyed mobile searches recently. The study shows that at least 63% of adults prefer to use their mobile devices online. Though the numbers are already significant, the experts believe that mobile users will continue to increase. Last 2021, there were about 7.1 billion users around the world. This year, smartphone users are predicted to reach a staggering number of 7.26 billion. By 2025, there will be at least 7.49 billion users worldwide. This is why you need to develop a robust Mobile SEO strategy such as a responsive web design.


Recent development shows that the rise in mobile users is not only constricted in the United States. The whole world has posted a 25% increase in the number of people using smartphones. In 2023, the number of people using a mobile device is expected to hit 7.33 Billion. That is close to the total estimated population of the whole world, which is at 7.7 billion.


The Update of Mobile Methodology

 Mobile SEO

To address the increasing numbers of people who are using their mobile devices, different companies and search engine sites have updated their mobile SEO methodologies. It was last 2012 when the Google algorithm was updated, which prefers the highly responsive and mobile-friendly website compared to the unresponsive website. This means that your webpage will have a higher SERP if it is responsive. And they are not stopping on that. Last 2015, the SERP has drastically changed by emphasizing the importance of a mobile-friendly website.


Companies also started looking for a solution to turn their webpage into a mobile-friendly, plug-in, or separate mobile application. However, nothing is more preferred than having a completely responsive web design. It is vital to have a mobile-friendly design; their only difference is how they act on a specific smartphone. A mobile-friendly site is a separate webpage. The web host will detect the device used in accessing your site and display the more preferred version of your site. The responsive web design will automatically respond and shrink to fit different types of devices used when accessing your page. This is where mobile SEO leads; the responsiveness will allow it to shrink or grow depending on whatever devices will be released.

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