Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney


Foreign nationals pondering about staying in the US or becoming a US citizen might need the help of an immigration attorney to make the process efficient and smoother.  Hiring a lawyer is not required; however, a lawyer practicing in the field of Immigration can guide you to the tedious process of and file all the necessary documents properly.  They are also well capable of handling cases that are related to immigration, like deportation. Remember these questions to ask an immigration attorney to guarantee that you will navigate the intricate process smoothly.


Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney

Top Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney


There are things that you may want to consider before procuring the service of an immigration lawyer.  Here are some questions to ask an Immigration Attorney to confirm if they suit your immigration needs.


What Type of Immigration Cases did You Handle Before?

 Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney

There are various cases involving Immigration, and you ought to know the specific type of case that the lawyer used to handle.  Whether it concerns VISA, asylum, green card, citizenship, or family law, a person needs to consider it to know if the lawyer can address his concerns.  Some lawyers also focus on a specific area of expertise, be sure to also ask him about that.


How Much do You Charge?


It is one of the most crucial questions to ask an Immigration Attorney.  Some lawyers will give you the breakdown of their fee, but most of them will not.  The standard stuff such as filing the documents for a VISA will charge you a flat fee.  A more intricate process means higher expenses.  There are some instances that the lawyer may charge you per hour.


What Documents Should I Prepare during the Initial Consultation?


Cases surrounding Immigration require many documents and evidence, so it is imperative to ask them what they need and the documents you need to bring during your initial meeting.  Case in point, if you are applying for US citizenship, the lawyer may ask you to obtain a green card, copies of your ITR for 3-5 years, and other documents, such as records stating the change of your name.


What Languages Do You Speak?

 Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney

Looking for someone who speaks your language is crucial to people who live in a community that speaks another language.  You need to know if the lawyer can speak your language.  It will aid you in ensuring a smooth exchange of information between the two of you, and it will help the lawyer understand your immigration issues.  If some documents and depositions are written in another language, ask the lawyer whether you need to hire a translator or n interpreter.


How Will You Update Me About the Case?


One of the unfortunate sides of Immigration is that there is an expiration date of VISA.  In case of deportation, the conversation between the client and the lawyer will become more complex.  You need to know the ways and how often the lawyer will update you about your case if you are no longer in the country.  You may use Skype, email, and other video call options. You should also be able to reach out to your lawyer anytime despite of the time difference.


Remembering these questions to ask an Immigration Attorney before hiring them can help them understand your goal and improve the probability of reaching a favorable decision.

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