Payment for Restaurant's Online Ordering System

The effect of digitalization has become more evident in the restaurant industry, from the digital menu, social media marketing up to the recent trend in the restaurant business, which is the online ordering system.  Digital ordering for restaurants has proven to be a fast & secure method to enjoy and pay for your meals.

List of Advance Ordering System

 Online Payment Options

Studies show that more and more people, especially the students and the working class, have been using their smartphones and devices to order their food.   This increase in demand has introduced several mobile ordering apps for restaurants and online payment systems.  Here are some of the tools you can use when doing digital ordering and their payment option.


Onosys (Splick It)


Onosys does not only offer the search of restaurants, airports, convenience stores, hotels, etc.  It also created a new platform for digital ordering.  Restaurants will now be able to integrate their online payment option into the system that they already built.  Customers can place their order, whether it’s a takeout or a delivery.  Restaurants can now use the advance ordering system to incorporate their payment system into Onosys or to use the current payment system of the company.



 Online Payment Options

eHungry is another popular form of web ordering for restaurants.  Restaurants can now upload their menu on eHungry, and the customers can easily browse for their orders.  They can also pay for their food through credit cards or Paypal, which is already integrated into the system.  Restaurants have the option to accept orders for delivery, catering, pickups, or dine-in.  They will also be able to control how the orders will be sent.  There are text or email notification services that will alarm the employees once an order is received.  eHungry also has its features of adding the latest promo of the restaurant in their platform.



 Online Ordering System

GrubHub is more than just an advanced ordering system; they also serve as a great marketing strategy for the restaurants.  Most customers who use GrubHub tend to search for the nearest restaurant that offers delivery.  The mobile and website application of GrubHub also accepts online ordering systems.  GrubHub updates its customers in real-time using their smartphones.  The online payment system is also integrated within this mobile app.


Square Order

 Online Ordering System for Restaurant

Square Order makes it possible for a customer to order his favorite dish and pay for it online.  By the time that he arrives at the restaurant, the food is then ready for pick up.  Customers will be able to schedule their time for pickups. Square order has been proven beneficial to both the restaurant owners and customers as they no longer have to stand in a long line to give their orders.  There will be no long queuing in fast-food restaurants and cafes.  Square Order is available for free to those who are using the Square POS system. 

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