Online Dating Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

When you are a member of an online dating site, you are probably aware that a profile with a single photo and incomplete information is a common indication of a fake user.  Blurred images, refusing to meet in person, and vague descriptions are some of the online dating red flags that you should watch out for.  These are obvious reasons that you can spot when you are skimming on someone else’s profile.  However, what about the not-so-obvious red flags?  Listed below are the characteristics of fake online people that we usually ignore.


Online Dating Red Flags: Refusal to Divulge Their First Name


Online Dating Red Flags

When you want to talk to a person you just met, you would first introduce your first name or ask their name.  That is the proper manner that our parents and teachers taught us.  If someone refuses to divulge their first name, it could be one of the online dating red flags.  It is a sign of disinterest or a shady personality.  In the first place, you should never ask for their real name; they should be generous and well-mannered enough to freely share their name with the people they are talking to.  A point of information, refusing to give the last name is just customary in the online world.  It will take more than one conversation before that person can share additional information about him.


Late Reply


When joining an online dating site, it should not take them a few hours for the users to respond to your message.   With today’s technology and social apps, it should be possible for them to respond immediately to your message (if they are interested).  Failure to reply to your message without providing a clear explanation is one of the online dating red flags.  It can also mean a hectic schedule, which means that they do not have adequate time to get to know someone else. It would be unproductive to go into a relationship with someone who can’t even manage their time.


Sharing Details on Past Relationships

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Sharing sensitive details such as being abandoned by their parents or being verbally abused by a past relationship signifies that a person carries emotional baggage.  They want some sympathy from people like you.  It is a strategy usually employed by con artists and is one of the online dating red flags that you should avoid.  The online profile is not the perfect place to reveal something about your past relationship.


Offering Immediate Compliments

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People saying that they like your profile are just a filler statement and usually a sign of a reasonable manner.  However, when someone gives you a comment about your physical appearance and tells you how sweet, caring, awesome, funny you are, then this is one of the online dating red flags that you should evade at all costs.  Those who have this characteristic are also those people who have a lack of control over their feelings.


Online dating sites are your easy option to know someone, but the online dating red flags make it a bit challenging for us to navigate this landscape seamlessly.  To separate the good ones from the bad, the red flags listed above should guide you.

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