Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits


Different cultures around the world have practiced massage therapy techniques for hundred of years.  The result of today’s massage therapy is a culmination of long years of practice in traditional treatment.  Nowadays, if you want a massage, you can go to clinics, spas, health clubs, hospitals, and even airports. You can choose from the 80 different styles and techniques of massage therapy; each offers various benefits to the patient.


List of Massage Therapy Techniques and Their Benefits


Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

The field of massage therapy has experienced a different trend over the years.  A popular massage last year may be replaced by a new technique this year.  Some of you might think that this is just a fad and will eventually disappear.  You may also ask if a particular style can indeed provide aid to your body. Before acquiring the service of a different massage therapist, you must first ask yourself the reason why you want to have a massage.  Do you want to relieve your headache, muscle pain, swelling, or do you want it for relaxation?  Different massage therapists may also alter their style and soothing techniques based on your wellness, age, or unique condition.  Here are some of the most popular massage therapy techniques and their benefits.


Swedish massage

 Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage therapy.  This style engages in a yielding and extensive rubdown stroke together with a soft and periodic stroke. This technique has been proven to work best on muscle tensions by putting some pressure on your joints.  There are four different types of Swedish massage; Tapotement, friction, petrissage, and effleurage. 

Overview of Swedish Massage


Massage has been practiced since the old civilization, and it was believed then to treat many diseases. Today, at least 80 different massage therapies are offered in the market by different day spas. Swedish massage is one of the most popular massages, especially in the West. It is also the best type of massage for those people who never acquired a therapeutic massage before. However, you need to guarantee that a professional massage therapist administers it to prevent complications.


A Walkthrough about Swedish Massage


Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

The technique incorporated in the Swedish massage is the basis of the other Western Massage such as aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, and sports massage. It can be refreshing and vigorous or mild and slow. Deep tissue massage would be best for people suffering from chronic pain.


How it Works

 Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

The session will begin when the massage therapist lubricates your specific body with specialized oil and execute diverse massage strokes. The assorted strokes will prepare the tissue in the muscle to break up the adhesion in the tissue, which will ultimately lead to relaxation. The therapeutic massage will generally last from 50-60 minutes. After the massage therapy, the therapist will instruct you on what to do before leaving the massage room. You are generally naked underneath a sheet or a towel during the entire session. The massage therapist will only uncover a part of your body on a particular technique that they referred to as draping. If you are not comfortable getting nude, you may leave your underwear as most first-timers do.


What To Expect During the Session

 Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

You will lie face down while your head is supported by a U-shaped cradle that levels your spine. The massage therapist will start to work on your back by using a diverse massage technique that may include tapping, stretching, friction, kneading, and effleurage. After they are done with your back, they will start working on the back of your legs and then on the side. They will then hold your sheet up and look away while you turn on the other side before covering you again and massaging the front region of legs, arms, neck, and shoulder.


Through Swedish Massage, you are relaxing your muscle, detoxifying, relieving yourself of some stress, and rejuvenating your lost energy. Study shows that therapeutic massage can also boost your immune system due to its ability to reduce the level of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to weight gain and lowers the body's power to fight viruses and bacteria.




Shiatsu translates to “finger pressure.”  In this type of massage, the therapist will apply varying pressure on different pressure points of the body.  They called these points acupressure.  They believe that specific acupressure corresponds to a distinct part of our body and focusing on that point can deal with a particular condition.


Sports Massage

 Massage Therapy Benefits

Sports Massage is designed to help athletes.  The therapist tends to focus on a specific muscle point that is constantly used for particular sports.  Sports massage deliberately helps the athlete before, after, and during a sports match. It helps minimize the possibility of injuries and enhances the flexibility of the muscle tissue.  It can also maximize the healing property in case of an injury.


Benefits of Sports Massage


Sports massage is designed to aid the athlete before, during, and after a sports match. They can deal with different problems that concern a wide range of sports enthusiasts, from world-class Olympians to joggers. The type of Sports Massage that will be administered to a specific patient is based on the kind of sports they are doing. The therapist will focus on a certain point of the body commonly used in distinct sports.


Tissue Repair


Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

The type of stroke in sports massage is designated to suck liquid through the lymph and blood vessels. With the increased pressure administered, a vacuum-like function is being created. This process has been proven to work on damaged muscle cells as the tissue will flush out the blood, enabling the tissue to repair at a faster rate and receive nutrients.


Waste Excretion


Sports massage will enable the pores in our skin to achieve a higher amount of permeability, allowing for the nutrients and fluids to pass all the way through. This will immediately remove the body wastes such as lactic acid. This will also encourage the skin to have a proper supply of oxygen and nutrients that enhance the body's healing rate.


Skin Elasticity

 Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

The Sports Massage can improve the skin's elasticity in a way we never thought was possible. A group of muscle fibers will be tensed sideways and lengthwise. Sports Massage also makes it possible to fix the fascia present in the muscle, releasing any stress and tension that was accumulated caused by the sports.


Encourage the flow of blood


Exercise can increase the blood flow throughout our bodies. The blood vessels will be stretched through massage, causing the nutrients to pass through them more easily.


Reduce the Pain and relax the nerve

 Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

Through sports massage, the body will release a hormone called endorphins, which our body reacts through pain. The waste products and tension accumulated over the years can cause pain. Sports massage increases our body's tolerance to pain. It can also provide us comfort and relaxation. With the stroke of sports massage, the body will instantly generate heat. Together with the proper circulation of blood and the stretching of muscle tissue, it allows us to achieve full relaxation. Mechanoreceptors are also stimulated during the sports massage, contributing to the comfort that we feel after and during the massage.


Reduce Anxiety


Through the relaxation brought by the sports massage, the person's level of anxiety considerably reduces. During the sports event, the strokes are incorporated in a vigorous mode to energize the athlete and clear his mind.

Chair Massage


Chair massage is usually seen at airports and conferences.  Certain companies are offering this benefit to their employees for at least 20 minutes a day.  During the Chair massage, you will take a seat on a specially constructed chair.  This massage generally focuses on your neck, arms, shoulder, hands, and back.


Thai Massage

 Massage Therapy Benefits

If you are having trouble with the movements of your joints, then Thai massage would be the best suitable technique for you.  Similar to the Shiatsu massage, the Thai massage also focuses on the acupressure on our body.  The only difference is, it includes the firmness of the muscle.


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