LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique


LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique

It was just recently when LinkedIn transformed from a little expert systems administration site to vast human power resources. Since then, B2B marketers have been attempting to figure out the LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique they can use for success in B2B. With the countless professionals located in one spot, B2B marketers are indeed seeking ways to access its database. Fortunately, there is an approach to tap on LinkedIn resources. The traditional LinkedIn recommendation says that we should Join the community, stay active, and then you will be able to generate leads.  I know it's not much, but it is a start.  Let us dig deeper into their advice.


Create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique Using Your Company Profile

 LinkedIn Lead Gen

You have to be direct in your approach to generating a lead. These leads will not just appear out of nowhere; you have to work to develop them.  One ideal way is to convert your business profile into a profile intended for your LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique, which means that you will no longer focus on your company information.  The first thing is to create a profile that has a high CTR.   That clicks on your LinkedIn profile will lead the user to your official site.  You can post an image that captures the attention of the LinkedIn community, a compelling description of your company, or create a recent post section that is clickable.  Upon being redirected to your site, you can now use the tools to identify your site's visitors and turn them into qualified leads.


Advanced Search


If you do not want to wait for the leads to find you, you can go and find them using the advanced search option of LinkedIn.  The advanced search will allow you to find the exact type of professionals you are targeting or those people interested in your product, making it an excellent LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique.  On the header menu of LinkedIn, tap on the search icon and then the advanced search option.  In case you do not have a premium membership with LinkedIn, you are still provided with ways to narrow down the result of your search.  The middle column of LinkedIn would be the most efficient tool.  You can filter the result by industry, company, location, school, interest, language, etc.  If you are not content with the filtered result, you can continue filtering the result without doing the process over again.


After doing the advanced search, you need to save that result to have instant access and stay active on LinkedIn.  The save option can be found on the upper right of your screen.  By doing this, you also notify yourself whenever there are changes or updates on this list.


Searching the Groups

 LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Technique

The Group search option of LinkedIn may not offer the filter of the advanced searches; however, you can still narrow down the result based on the category, language, level, and relationship.  When looking for a group, choose an active, relevant community with a considerable number of members.  Keep in mind that LinkedIn will only allow you to join 50 groups.



LinkedIn offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for B2B marketers.  It has a database of perfect resources that can be considered as a qualified lead.  However, without the proper LinkedIn Lead Generation Technique, this will turn out to be just another social network.



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