Installing A Hot Tub Inside the Home


Are you thinking of putting up a spa or a hot tub inside your house?  If you are, it is beneficial for you to be aware of what you need to consider before acquiring an indoor hot tub.    Searching over the net could drown you with the amount of information about the installation of hot tubs.   This article aims to provide you with the essential things you need when installing a hot tub inside the home.

What are the Pros of Installing A Hot Tub Inside the Home?

 Installing A Hot Tub Inside the Home

·         Privacy-Probably, one of the primary reasons people consider having an indoor hot tub is privacy.  It is practically impossible to enjoy the warm water while your neighbor is watching you. 


·         Usability- You will also be able to utilize it the whole year-round.  It may not be an issue for those living in a warmer climate, but for those experiencing the winter season, this generally maximizes the use of their hot tub.


·         Longevity- Having your hot tub inside your house also minimizes the damages brought by extreme weather conditions and elements from the outdoor environment.  It is like adding an extra year for your hot tub.  It will generally reduce the wearing and tearing of your latest investment and prolong the longevity of your bathtub.


Cons of Installing A Hot Tub Inside the Home

 Installing An indoor hot tub

·         Mold and Mildew- The moisture and humidity inside your house brought by the steam of the hot tub may invite molds and increase the degradation of woods.  Also, you will need to get used to bathing in a confined space and endure the occasional accidental bumping.


·         Expensive- Installing the hot tub inside your house may also prove to be costly since you need to hire an expert to get the job done.  The heat that radiates across your room can also be inhaled by your air conditioner, giving you a higher electric bill in the process.


How to Install Your Indoor Hot tub

 Indoor Spa

Now that you made up your mind about installing a hot tub inside the home, it is time to learn the process of installing it.  There are four things that you need to keep in mind when installing a hot tub. 


·         The place of installation should be ten ft. away from power lines and 5 ft far from the spa panel.

·         The foundation of the installation place should carry the weight of the entire hot tub and the weight it may contain.

·         Water discharged should also lead away from the tub.

·         Finally, you should always leave a necessary space in case of maintenance.


Having an indoor spa or hot tub would probably be one of the most expensive things you will ever bring inside your home.  Knowing the disadvantages and advantages of acquiring an indoor hot tub can prepare you for the expenses and avoid unnecessary stress. Understanding the process of installation will help minimize the possible issues that you may encounter.

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