How to Make Money on Blogging 2022


If you want to know how to make money on blogging, you come to the perfect place. To other people, earning from the blog site may seem impossible. They usually think that it will not create a substantial amount of money. You will be surprised at how much a blogger makes money online per month. Some of them are making enough money that people in the corporate world will never earn in a month. However, it will never be easy. This article will serve as a walkthrough on your planning stage.

How to Make Money on Blogging: Building a Timeline

How to Make Money on Blogging

Your timeline needs to be detailed when you want to know how to make money on blogging. There are lots of things that you need to consider, especially during the initial stage. Here are the steps that you need to take when creating a blog.


Choosing a Hosting Site


The first step in learning how to make money on blogging is to have a major hosting site. Some affiliate advertising sites will not approve your application if you write your blog on a minor site. Blogging site usually ends up in com, net, org, and others.


Blog Name


The blog's name also plays a significant factor in search engine optimization and improves your chances to make money on blogging. It would be best if you used a name that will be easy to remember and reflect your blog's content. You should carefully think about the name of your blog. Think about a name that they can't misspell. Avoid words with double letters. Do not add a dash or any unique character since it will only complicate things.


Hiring a Web Designer

The design of your web also affects your search visibility. Your web design should be mobile-friendly and responsive to have a higher SERP. Moreover, you can't convince the audience that you are serious with your blogging if you don't have a professionally designed blog site. Understand that your web design serves as your online image. It would not be easy to build credibility if you have a poorly-designed site. If you want to make money on blogging, you have to think of it as an investment. Find out some of the common website designing mistakes here.


Writing a Post

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If you want to invite readers to your site, you initially have to write a few pieces of content before announcing that you are running a blog to the online community. 10-15 content will keep them engaged in the site for 30-40 seconds. Pay attention to your bounce rate and exit rate; if you notice that it is higher than the average, it means that your audience is not getting the information they need.



When you have a specific goal to reach, the small step you should take should ultimately lead to this greater goal. Are you using your blog site to share an informative article or provide assistance to your e-commerce site? Your targeted market should be identified. You should also create a list of your prospected affiliate marketing site. It is best to limit it to 2-3 advertising sites. Remember that advertisements can affect the loading of your page and the user experience.

Be Motivated

Success in blogging does not come overnight. It requires persistence, patience, and hard work. You will need to perform continuous change on your site to make it more appealing to the crawlers. You should also post high-quality content religiously, create a healthy source of backlinks, improve the authority of your domain and page, and others.


Putting Things in the Right Perspective

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The advertisement and button should also be appropriately placed on your blog site. Suppose you want to know the place that is receiving the higher amount of online activity. In that case, you should use heat maps and other analytics tools to identify your audience's behavior.


Making Things More Attainable

As mentioned above, learning how to make money on blogging will not be easy; you will have to compete with other bloggers who are already blogging way before you. You will have to work double-time to increase your SERP ranking and attract higher search engine traffic. To make things more possible, you should follow some of the guidelines that we mentioned above.


How to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Make Money on Blogging

It is relatively easy to start your personal blog but generating a significant amount of traffic from your blog will be challenging. You have a lot of things to think about; the type of content you are going to post, keywords you are going to use, your audience, and others. Remember, when you want to increase blog traffic, there is no replacement for high-quality content. These days, two types of content capture the readers; informative and entertaining content. Here are some proven tips that will surely boost your daily traffic.


Sharing Once Is Not Enough


Based on the recent study, most companies are not sharing their content enough. Most of them will share the article one time and forget them. Most bloggers tend to do that; they will publish content on their blog and share it on their social media sites once. What most of us failed to account for is that there are people who missed your post. One great way to address this problem is to share your content on multiple occasions, depending on the platform and the event. For instance, a blogger will share the post on Twitter, Facebook, or Google after they hit the publish button. After a day, they might want to share it again and probably post it again next week. It will maximize the visibility of your article and increase blog traffic.

Social Influencers

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This 2022, there is a growing trend in getting a social influencer to write for their blog to increase blog traffic. It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend an enormous amount of cash on hiring a well-known writer. Social Influencers are those with significant followers on their social media account or blog. One great way to do this is to find authority blogs with similar niches and ask them to do a guest posting on your blog. You can offer them a backlink in exchange.



earn through blogs

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to improve your SERP and increase blog traffic. SEO is a continuous and complex process that involves a lot of things. But for beginners, you should pay attention to your content. When posting your video, article, images and other content, make sure that they are optimized. Use the right keyword with a low amount of competition. Choose long-tail keywords rather than short. Maintain the right amount of density to avoid getting penalized by Search Engine Sites.


High-Quality Content

If you want to know the secret on how to increase blog traffic, you must write high-quality content regularly. How do we define high-quality? Many elements are associated with high-quality content; length, visual content, spelling, grammar and coherence, text formatting, and others. Make sure to pay close attention to these elements when creating content.


Generally, there is still no alternative with great content when increasing blog traffic. Most of these tactics will require you to optimize the content you probably have in your blog. If you have a blog that receives low impressions and shares, these tips may probably help you to increase blog traffic.


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