How to Get Jobs Without Asking for It


The traditional way of finding a job includes sending out your application form to different companies until your fingers ache from typing your application form.  Looking for a job means attending job fairs with hundreds of other applicants and waiting for their verdict that may or may not come. You will also be sending out the application form through emails and listening to the unsolicited advice coming from close family members and friends telling you that you should be more aggressive in searching for a job.  Not everyone has the patience to do all of that.  Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to get a job without asking for it.


Writing a Professional Profile


How to Get Jobs Without Asking for It

When creating a professional profile, you must first understand what a professional profile is and the vital things that you must do for it to stand out.  Professional Profile is the summary of your entire professional experience, qualifications, skills, and expertise.  It has to be well-written as it serves as your method to demonstrate your skills to the people.  Some people tend to invest their time in creating a Professional Profile. Others hire the service of a copywriter to help them prepare a template that they will be able to post in different places such as LinkedIn, on their website or blog site, for press releases, directory, and others.


To create a compelling professional profile, you must include the things you do and why you’re doing it, your years of expertise on a particular skill, your field of specialization, the highlight of your professional career, notable clients you had in the past, work examples,  awards and recognitions if any, qualifications and your values towards your work.


Optimize Your Social Media Profile

 How to Get Jobs Without Asking for It

Depending on your field of expertise or profession, there will always be a Facebook group intended for you.   It is not recommended to post your work experience on the group randomly and shamelessly promote yourself. They can have you expelled from the group, not to mention that it is pretty embarrassing.  You want to update your Facebook profile and include all your work experience in your information.    Usually, not all members of the group have the same field of expertise as you do.  Some of them are members of human resources looking for qualified individuals to join their company.  Join as much as you can in their discussion and make sure that they will notice you.


Follow the Company’s HR

 How to Get Jobs Without Asking for It

Nowadays, all information is accessible online.  It is so easy to search for the CEO of a particular company and find his company domain email address.  However, you don’t want to do that; you want to search for the name of the Company’s HR and search for his social networking account.  Discreetly follow that person and join their Facebook group.  Be alert on their random post about their concern about the company.  Make sure that you will be able to answer and impress them. You need to make them realize that you can be an asset to the company.  You can also develop a close relationship with them through this procedure.

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