How is Psychology and Personal Development Linked?

Psychology and personal development relate to each other in a unique way.  Psychology is basically the study of mind and behavior, and that is a significant part of personal development.  Personal development can also be dependent on a person’s psychological state.  They are not considered as one, but they are dependent on each other.


The Association of Psychology and Personal Development


Psychology and Personal Development

The connection between psychology and personal development starts during our younger years when we are just developing our identity, leading to personal growth and reinforcing of our self-worth.  With regards to personal development, the current definition is minimal.  Most of the time, they are only concentrating on the intra-psychic development and the role of the counselor.  By utilizing viable psychological theories and being aware of the psychological methods, we will understand how we can put personal development into practice.


Satisfaction and Happiness

 Personal Development

The study of the correlation between psychology and personal development started during the 1960s.  The primary purpose of the study is to let the people realize that they could attain a high quality life filled with fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, creativity, and satisfaction when they try to reach their full potential.   A renowned human psychologist, Abraham Maslow, suggested the idea of self-actualization, which he believed is the highest form of expression of our life.


 The Concept of Self-Actualization


Based on his research, self-actualized people are generally spontaneous and creative, have a great sense of humor, and can put up with uncertainty.  They have a high appreciation for the things that life brings them while maintaining a close relationship with others.  Humanistic psychology highlights the importance of addressing and developing our full potential, which is closely related to personal development.  Simply put, personal development is the journey that we take, and humanistic psychology is our destination.  It is one way in how psychology and personal development are connected.


Development Psychology


Developmental psychology is also necessary for understanding how people mature, learn and adapt.  During our lives, we will be subjected to different changes.  Developmental psychology focuses on the physical changes and tackles the emotional, personality, perceptual, intellectual, social, and cognitive growth.  This field of study is commonly utilized in healthcare facilities to help the expert assess and understand people with varying disabilities.  The connection between developmental psychology and personal development is also evident in mental clinics and assisted care living facilities.


By studying the mind through psychology, we will move intuitively from one moment to another.  It will help us eliminate the struggles that we experienced in the past and the things that we expect in the future that will create a boundless possibility in the present time.  It is the point where ideas are made, the ideas which have the potential to transform our world into a better place.  However, that potential can only be attained once we are able to reach a state that is free from judgment and remain open to different possibilities.

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