How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?


Top producers of natural and organic cosmetics products have found a way to incorporate the benefits of Vitamin C into their serums and creams.  They could integrate vitamin C into their anti-aging effects, facial serum, facial mask, hydrating cream, body scrub, and even on men's products such as after-shaving cream. It is only expected due to the fantastic benefits of Vitamin C for the skin.


How Vitamin C Helps Skin


benefits of Vitamin C for the skin

Vitamin C is an anti-aging agent.   It has antioxidant properties and protects our skin against the free radical formation agent and unwanted elements that promote rapid aging.  Pollution and UV rays are some of the damaging factors that cause the formation of free radicals; it is commonly present in our environment.  To protect us from these harmful elements, a daily dose of Vitamin C helps the skin.


Based on the study, Vitamin C can do the following.


·         Reduce the appearance of the sun-damaged skin, such as uneven brown spots.

·         It improves the production of collagen.  Collagen is the natural protection of our skin against sun damage.  It prevents wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on our skin.

·         Reduce irritation and inflammation.

·         It enhances the healing process of our skin.

·         Increase the defense of your skin against UV rays.


Ascorbic Acid:  Most Common Vitamin C

 How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

Ascorbic Acid is the most common type of Vitamin C used on skincare products, under some conditions.  One reason is that Vitamin C should be well formulated to sync correctly with skincare products.  Ascorbic Acid will reduce acne marks and protect our skin from Ultra Violet rays, giving us firmer and vibrant skin.  It is also best to blend ascorbic acid with an antioxidant agent for maximum results.


Other Forms of Vitamin C

 How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

There are lots of derivatives of Vitamin C, but not all of them have gone into a thorough study and research.  Some proven effective forms of Vitamin C include retinyl ascorbate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate.  These derivatives have been proven to offer a wide array of benefits, including protecting and repairing damaged skin cells.  These Vitamin C will work effectively with other antioxidant products such as green tea, retinol, etc.


How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Product with Vitamin C?

 benefits of Vitamin C for the skin

Vitamin C is proven effective even in lower concentrations.  Cosmetic products that contain 0.6% of Vitamin C provide the equal benefit of a Vitamin C with higher concentration.  It is a powerful agent that reverses the aging effect.    Regular intake of Vitamin C will not only boost our immune system but will also repair our skin.  Moreover, it will also serve as an antioxidant and improve collagen formation that deflects the sun's harmful rays, preventing the appearance of unwanted age lines in the process.  These are just some of the information on how Vitamin C helps skin.





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