Graduate Jobs in Marketing & Sales, South Africa


Students of Marketing and Sales in South Africa can work in different areas of public and private sectors.  In the world of marketing and sales, you need to be tough, and you must handle any criticism.  You must possess a deeper understanding of the market's behavior and effectively communicate with your group.  It requires tenacity, creativity, organization, and energy. This section will serve as your guide in determining what areas will match your skills and abilities when looking for graduate jobs in marketing & sales in South Africa.


Graduate Jobs in Marketing & Sales, South Africa

Things You Need to Know about Graduate Jobs in Marketing & Sales


Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales involve a strategic plan from the product development process up to the product's sales.  When engaged in this industry, you must never forget the 4P's of Marketing and Sales; product, place, promotion, and price.  During the marketing, you will be producing a product that has a high possibility of success in the market.  If it passes on the 1st stage of Marketing, the next step is to determine the cost by analyzing the price of your competitors. You should also look into the customer's behavior whether they are willing to spend on the product.  The product will then undergo a promotional stage that will bring the product directly into the market of South Africa.



Different Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales and their responsibilities


Brand/Product Management


Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales under the Brand or Product management are concerned with the product's development and research.  They determine the proper packaging of the product, manufacturing, promotion, advertising, sales, market research, analysis of the business, etc.  If you are a newcomer in this department, you will learn everything by observing senior members. You could also be assigned to numerical analysis.


Business Marketing

 Graduate Jobs in Marketing

This Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales is specifically designed to promote organizations such as middlemen, government organizations, non-profits, and businesses in South Africa. It is also known as B2B Marketing.


Internet Marketing


The newest emerging type of Marketing, Internet Marketing, has been proven effective in promoting inquiry into sales.  The Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales include social media marketing, web page, internet promotions, and keyword optimization.



Marketing Communication

 Graduate Jobs in Sales, South Africa

Marketing and promotional process are conducted on the organization of the customer.  It may include public relations, direct marketing, advertising, and sales promotion.




The research department is sorely responsible for finding the solution to any type of problems that may arise.  They are also involved in analyzing the behavior of the people in South Africa towards a particular product.




They are the type of Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales that perform fundraising campaigns to benefit some non-profit organizations.  They are experts in public relations and other marketing functions.




A career in sales can range from the usual sales entities up to the highest position in the management department.  They can establish their careers in finance, advertisement, insurance, government organization, and consulting agency.


Financial and Securities Institution


These Graduate jobs in Marketing & Sales are mainly responsible for selling banks and other financially related services.  They can also provide other similar services to stockbrokers, account executives, and others.




People in the field of Sports Marketing and sales are responsible for managing and promoting athletes, sports facilities, and teams.  They also create a plan on how to attract sponsorship and how to coordinate sporting events.


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