Graduate Jobs in Law, South Africa


If you are hooked on the portrayals of lawyers on the mainstream media, chances are you are only aware of the function of lawyers inside the courtrooms.  They are often depicted with exaggeration.  Someone who possesses a degree in the Law of criminal justice can directly affect the lives of others.  They have this opportunity to defend others if they are accused of the crime. They have the power to right the wrong. They can assist the ordinary people and defend the constitution of the land against individuals who are attacking it.   People taking a degree in Law have a vast opportunity to graduate jobs in Law in South Africa.


Things to Remember about the Function of the Lawyers


Graduate Jobs in Law, South Africa

Lawyers are not just a bunch of people sarcastically speaking inside the courtroom as they are depicted on television and big screen in South Africa.  They can also serve as a counsel to clients.  When acting as a counsel, the lawyer must be equipped with extensive knowledge about the person.  They must listen attentively to the story of the client.  A lawyer must be able to ask the right question to extract much information needed for the situation.  They should inform their client about their rights and the likely course of action that they may take.


A lawyer will also have to spend a significant amount of time studying the Law related to a particular case.  They will have to look at past similar cases and analyze the result of those cases.  The research may also be conducted by an attorney, a clerk, or a junior partner.  After this process, the lawyers must undergo a negotiation.  The negotiation must be based on the research and studies conducted by both teams.  It is one of the reasons why the majority of the case never materialize into trials.  If in any instance, those cases go into trials, the task is then assigned to trial lawyers.  Trial lawyers need to have extensive experience in court proceedings.  They must also be able to create a strategy for presenting their case.


Types of Degrees in Law South Africa

 Graduate Jobs in Law, South Africa

Doctor of Law

The Doctor of Law, also known as Juris Doctor, is a degree given by the accredited schools in South Africa after years of studying post-graduate Law.  You will need to have a degree on Bachelor’s to be eligible for the program.


Master of Law


It allows someone to concentrate on a specific field of Law after finishing the Doctor of Law.  Be reminded that lawyers in South Africa are not required to have a Master of Law.  There are different programs associated with Master of Law, but most universities offer a limited program.  Some of the programs include environmental law, tax law, intellectual property, commercial law, and human rights.




Juridical Science Degree is given for research with dissertation. It is equal to Ph. D. of other degrees.  It is generally awarded for researches with significant contributions in the study of Law in South Africa.




Online Law is just a recent addition to the field of Law.  There are online degrees that help the students in preparing for the bar exam.


Graduate Jobs in Law, South Africa

 Graduate Jobs in Law, South Africa

The degree of Law will open many possibilities for you if you are seeking a job.  There are lots of areas where they can be utilized. Here are some of them.


Criminal Law


When taking a degree in Law, one of the first graduate jobs in Law they will think of is Criminal Law. Mainly because this is how they were often portrayed on television in South Africa.  Their service is in demand for those who have committed a crime and also for the government.  There are also cases where lawyers act as a magistrate or judges.  Some public defenders receive their payment from the government and a private lawyer.


Environmental Law


These jobs specialized in the Law concerning environmental issues.  They can work for a particular organization that needs a lawyer to defend their rights that concern the environment.


International Law


Lawyers who want graduate jobs in Law on international Law should have a vast knowledge of governments, trade, commerce, and international relation.


Other types of graduate jobs in Law in South Africa include tax law, patent law, corporate or employment Law, and underprivileged legal services.


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