Essential Oils to Help Sleep

Some individuals have insomnia or the loss of the ability to sleep.  It is a condition that ordinary people will occasionally encounter during their lifetime.  Millions of people all over the world are struggling to find that decent sleep.  The leading cause of this problem is their inability to shut down their mind from thinking.  Having a night of quality sleep is essential for our wellness.  It provides our mind with that much-needed break from the stress and pressure on our daily life.  Sleep replenishes your energy and repairs the damaged tissues. If you find it a struggle to sleep, there are essential oils to help sleep.


List of Essential Oils to Help Sleep


Essential Oils to Help Sleep

Finding the essential oils to help sleep is contingent upon the preference of every individual.  What works for one person may not essentially be suitable for you.   Here are some of the essential oils that you should consider.



 Essential Oils to Help Sleep

This essential oil is primarily made up of esters and alcohols that provide numerous therapeutic properties.  However, most therapists are associating lavender oil with relaxation.  Based on the study, the inhalation of this essential oil will improve the quality of sleep.  Research conducted in the UK also proves that it can induce sleep.  When choosing a lavender essential oil, be aware that there are several variations of the lavender oil; you need to look for pure lavender.  Hybrid and Spike do not have the same sedating property of lavender.


Chamomile: Essential Oil to Help Sleep

 Essential Oils for insomnia

Chamomile would be another potent essential oil for those who are suffering from insomnia.  Like lavender, there are also different variations, but you need to look for the Roman Chamomile, which has a solid sedating property.  It does not only relieve your insomnia problem, but it also helps in mitigating stress, pressure, and any nervous tensions.    Some experts recommend that you should combine it with lavender to create a more potent treatment.



 Essential Oils for insomnia

Some individuals respond to the effect of Bergamot essential oil.  It has a citrus scent that has an invigorating and refreshing effect.  The difference between Bergamot and other citrus essential oil is that they can help you calm nerves and relax.  It promotes emotional balance, which is vital to have an effortless good night’s sleep.  However, Bergamot should not be applied to your skin when going out in the daylight since it can make your skin photosensitive.




 Experts believe that ylang-ylang can help you calm and balance the different areas of your brain. This process helps get rid of all those negative emotions that are preventing you from getting a rest. In one study, mixing this essential oil with Bergamot and Lavender produced impressive results. It helps in reducing your cortisol level, anxiety, blood pressure, stress, and pulse rate. With this essential oil, you will have a sound sleep and wake up feeling less anxious.


Other essential oils to help sleep are marjoram oil, cedarwood, and sandalwood.  You can either apply it to your skin or use it as an aromatic scent.  Some people will find that elusive sleep when they use the essential oil with their diffuser.

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