Choosing a Realtor in the US

When choosing a realtor in the US that will correspond to your interests as a consumer, your choice should be based on the high recommendation of trusted and credible people about the realtor's work experience, communication skills, and close attention to detail.  Commonly, people will base their decision on their instinct.  Somehow, your instinct will be able to tell you if you can trust this agent and if he will be able to represent the utmost of your concerns and interest. Nonetheless, it is still better to rely on factual data and their professional background.


Tips When Choosing a Realtor in the US

Tips choosing real estate agent

You should also get an insight into the realtor's training and field of expertise.  When choosing a realtor in the US, you should first see if the person you are hiring is indeed a realtor.   See to it that the agent is a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors).  The added information below should help you in reaching an intelligent decision.


Designation and Certification

 Tips choosing real estate agent

Depending on the states that the realtor will perform his duty, the state sometimes has a particular requirement from the realtor before they can exercise their duty.  When analyzing the business card of a realtor, you will also notice a string of letters connected to the agent's name.  These letters signify that the realtor went into different seminars and courses or passed a designated examination.  Here are some of the most frequent letters you may encounter on their business card when choosing a realtor in the US.


·         ABR-This means that the agent went into a particular course in the proper representation of the consumer.  He was also able to pass the examination, and he has extensive experience when it comes to interacting with different buyers.


·         ABRM-This is designated for the owners, managers, and brokers who have a broad education and experience in supervising the agents that represent the buyers.



·         ALC-ALC is especially for those who want to erect a customized structure.


·         CIPS-For the people from other countries who were choosing a realtor in the US and want to acquire estate properties in the US.


·         CRB-This signifies that the broker completed the advanced brokering course and has vast experience in representing buyers.


·         CRE- A private organization composed of professional realtors.

 Choosing a Realtor in the US

·         CRS-This realtor tends to have a more significant connection with other thriving agents.


·         Green Designation- Fit for consumers who are interested in finding an environment-friendly home.


·         GRI-Graduated from the Realtor Institute


·         MRP-Specialized in the transfer of military personnel together with their families.


·         RSPS-solely devoted to finding a vacation home.


·         SRES-Dedicated in finding the best home value for people ages 50 and above.


The Interview

 Choosing a Realtor in the US

When choosing a realtor in the US, you should ask them the right set of questions, so you will be able to determine their level of expertise and that they will be able to represent you in a way you want.  You should ask them about the number of houses or real estate properties they managed to sell in the past years. Know their extent of experience in this type of job, the average days that it will take them to sell or find a home, and the strategic approach when selling a home. You must learn whether they will represent the consumer or the buyer. Try to ask them how often they will be able to update you with the progress.



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