Business Casual Attire: A Comprehensive Guide


The term business casual attire sounds a bit contradicting.  It is like two different words have been used to define a term.  Business attire is usually formal, while casual attire is what you typically wear to perform any task.  In the industry of trade, a fine line separated the business attire from the casual business garment.  Different companies implement different clothes guidelines and dress codes, but specific rules are intangible and standard.


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Business Casual Attire for Men


Dressing up for work used to be an easy job.    You have to clad yourself with a pressed suit matched with a black shoe, and you are good to go.  However, the case is different today; men view their business casual shirts as a chance to widen their style and use colors.  To be clear, you do not have to go to work with a three-piece outfit to look presentable.  Looking sharp is taking satisfaction on the things you wear and controlling your image, especially when in the presence of strangers. Here are some tips to transform your plain business casual attire for men into sharp and witty business-casual shirts.


Business Casual Attire for Men Should Come with the Right Fit


Most outfits that do not give the wearer a sharp look are acceptable, as long as it suits their styles and colors.  The common problem with business casual attire for men is that it does not always fit the wearer.  Sometimes this factor is the most neglected. However, it is the most practical way of creating a realistic business casual look. When choosing a business casual, your attire should produce a shape as it hugs your body.  Bigger men tend to prefer oversized business casual shirts as they believe it will enhance their look, but that belief has been proven wrong.  Choosing one that does not fit you properly will restrict most of your movement and will look awkward.



 business-casual attire for men

When it comes to business casual attire for men, the length of your shirt sleeves should be ample to cover the wrist when you are in a standing position.  Also, take a look at the seam; it is where the sleeves and the shoulder meet.    The seam needs to be just below your shoulder and not on your biceps.  Once that it surpasses your shoulder, the shirt will look dirty and not presentable.




 business casual attire for men

Almost 95% of men wear a white and blue shirt.  It is the safest and standard color of men’s attire.  However, if you want to be bold and unique, go with the pastel colors in ecru, yellow, pink, tan, or lavender.  These colors are easy to mix and match with different types of suits. You can use a darker shade of brown on your suit.  You can also use charcoal-colored wool if you want to stand out in the crowd.  For those who are trying to be more adventurous in their suit, they can use the patterned, striped, or checkered.  Best of all, wear business casual attire for men that makes you feel good and comfortable.  Comfort is still the primary factor in choosing your business casual attire.




Business Casual Attire for Women

 business casual attire for women

The business casual attire for women gives the women a chance to play with different colors and a variety of styles.  A common misconception for women’s business casual garments is that they are forbidden to wear jeans and polo shirts, but that is wrong.  The allowed attire depends on the nature of your work.  For instance, a more comfortable and relaxed environment may enable women to wear pants instead of skirts.  They can also add a splash of bright colors and an ensemble of matches and mixes.  Here are some tips that you can follow to achieve an effective business–casual look.


Okay To Be Over-Dressed but Never Underdressed

 business casual attire

Women tend to wear more formal pants when going to work.  They choose a darker shade and pleated pants to give them a sharp and intelligent look.  When you want to be safe, it is better to clad yourself with formal pants.  See to it that you will never look underdressed when going to corporate work.


Length of Your Pants


Always consider the length of your pants when choosing your business casual attire for women.  The legs of the pants should be enough to reach the break of your shoe.  Avoid creating a roll due to the excess length of your pants, especially when wearing trousers and khakis.  The case is almost the same on wearing jeans.  You are allowed to wear long jeans but never be afraid of choosing shorter jeans.



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Though business casual attire for women lets you play with different colors, we still advise you to stay away from the loud colors.  Red, purple, and yellow are not the standard colors of business casual.  Camouflage is not allowed in some work and also the white khakis.  Both of these colors look too casual.  We advise you to go with darker shades such as dark green, dark blue, khaki, grey, brown, and black.


It is easy to create an ensemble that will fit the business casual attire.  You may ask yourself if it is something you should wear on clubbing or during sleeping or if you will use it to scrap the dirt in your yard or through a costume gathering.  If all your answers are no on this set of questionnaires, it is highly acceptable for business-casual attire.

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