Affordable Caribbean Island Vacation


The Caribbean is virtually composed of about 5,000 cays, reefs, and islands; every one of them offers a unique experience for every traveler.   Lately, there has been continuous development in some of the secluded areas in the Caribbean, which has transformed them into an ultimate travel destination.  While it’s true that the food and accommodation in this area can be pretty expensive, careful planning will help you save more money and enjoy an affordable Caribbean Island vacation.

 Affordable Caribbean Island Vacation

Average Cost of Your Affordable Caribbean Island Vacation


The cost of food and transportation greatly vary depending on the island that you choose.  Understanding the related cost will help you plan on your travel budget and create an affordable Caribbean Island vacation experience.


·         Accommodation- Though there are cheaper accommodations in the Caribbean, like campgrounds and hostels, they are challenging to find.  If you manage to find one, the average cost will be about $20.  Basic room in the budget hotel will start at $80, and B&B will range at $50 above.  There are many islands to choose from in terms of accommodation, but generally, they are costly.

 Affordable Caribbean Island Vacation

·         Food- The Caribbean is known for its local dishes that incorporate fish, protein, coconut, sweet potatoes, rice, plantains, and beans.  Prices of food vary depending on the island.  Local foods will cost only $5.  If you want to save money on food and have an affordable Caribbean Island Vacation, avoid restaurants at resorts and ports.


·         Transportation- Bus transportation that is provided on the island is affordable.  It will only cost $3.  There are islands where your only option for transportation is a taxi.  The short journey will cost $15 and can increase exponentially.


Ways on How to Save Money on Your Caribbean Vacation

 Caribbean Vacation

Here are some of the ways to have an affordable Caribbean Island Vacation but still have the experience of a lifetime.


·         Travel During Off-Season- The prices related to your Caribbean vacation will plummet during the third week of April.  You can save as much as 30% if you choose to travel during summer. Be sure to plan your travel itinerary well.


·         Campgrounds- Since accommodations are pretty expensive, some islands allow travelers to camp around the beach for only $10.  It is a safer form of accommodation, especially on the less inhabited islands.


·         Choose the Local Alcohols- If you want to drink alcohol, avoid the imported brands and choose only the locally produced ones. The price of rum will cost 1/3 of its average cost in the US. It would be best to experience their local produce and culture; this is one of your reasons for traveling, after all.


·         Book for a Cruise- Taking a cruise is the more affordable method of exploring various islands.  It is also a convenient way to pay for your accommodation, transportation, and meals in advance.  The cruise can be as low as $50, which can go lower if you choose to book in advance.

 Caribbean Vacation

These are some of the ways on how you can enjoy an affordable Caribbean Island Vacation. You can enjoy the beauty and the magnificence of the island without breaking the bank.

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