The Benefits of Chinese Medicine for Stress

Over the last few years, western medicine has continued to adopt the eastern alternative medicine concept, which experts also referred to as integrated complementary medicine.  Around 50% of western medical practitioners are planning to start or boost their use of Chinese medicine.  One of the main benefits of this traditional medicine has something to do with stress.  In ancient eastern medicine, they believe that strong emotions such as burnout, anxiety, anger, and depression will disrupt our body's natural flow of energy.  Being affected for a prolonged period may block our system and lead to severe conditions.  Here are some of the alleged Chinese Medicine for stress.


Chinese Medicine for Stress: Acupuncture


In acupuncture, the circulation of oxygen and our blood will be enhanced while releasing cortisol buildup.  Cortisol, also referred to as the stress hormone, can result in inflammation and a sudden increase in our blood pressure.  By undergoing this procedure, the cortisol level will be mitigated, and our body will start to produce endorphin, which is our body's pain-killer.  As a result, acupuncture can optimize our blood pressure and heart rate and calm our nerves. It is an excellent Chinese medicine for stress that is being practiced even before the Common Era.


Tui Na Massage


This type of massage may not be that popular compared to the other types of massage, but it has been proven to reduce our stress.  In this Chinese medicine for stress, the therapist will not only focus on the muscle affected but also on the Qi.  Chinese believe that by releasing the Qi channels, the muscle will achieve a natural state of relaxation.  It is also ideal in decreasing the muscle pain and aches that are caused by burnout. This massage technique utilizes pressure and oscillating techniques with varying speed and force. Experts believe that it can help people with sleep problems.


Using Chinese Herbs

 Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine involves thousands of herbs that have been intended to reduce the amount of stress in our bodies.  Some of them are great in helping us achieve a state of balance by alleviating the anxiety and pressure that we are experiencing.  Some of the most popular Chinese herbs that the experts recommend are gui pitang, yue juwan, yi guanjian and xiao yaowan. To find out the Chinese medicine for stress that will work perfectly in your situation, we recommend asking a licensed herbalist.



 Chinese Medicine for Stress

If you have a chance to visit the Mainland, you will notice that it is customary for those people to perform various meditations.  Chinese doctors have encouraged their patients to perform meditation since it can boost their health and reduce their stress.  Some of the more popular types of Chinese meditation include Tai Chi and Qi Gong.


Stress leads to severe health conditions such as chronic pain, heart disease, and it can even contract the size of our brain.  Chinese medicine for stress offers a solution that can fight the stress that we are experiencing every day.  Be sure to keep updated as we provide the other benefits that you can enjoy with Traditional Medicine.


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