5 Things that Good Corporate Event Emcee Should Know


If you were tapped to execute the role of a good corporate event emcee, what are the things you need to know to have a successful event?  While some think it requires practical communication skills to guarantee the event's success, it takes more than that. A corporate emcee should know these things to be an effective host.


A Good Corporate Event Emcee Understand Their Role


good corporate event emcee

Are you well versed in the primary function of being an Emcee?  It is the responsibility of a good corporate event emcee to ensure that the corporate event will run smoothly.  It is your duty to guide the guests on the place or seat they are supposed to be.  You must prepare the guests mentally for what to expect at the event.  It is okay to raise the energy level, but you have to keep in mind that you are not the center of the show.  It would be best not to serve as a distraction on the primary purpose of the corporate event.  Determine the balance between being engaging and informative.



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A good corporate event emcee also includes the responsibility to make sure that the schedule is being followed.  You will not be able to control the length of speech of the speakers but during breaks and transitions, make sure that you are on track.  You must know when a part of the event will start or stop.  Use your hosting as an opportunity to fill the right amount of time.  It can mean stretching your hosting or keeping it short because you don't want to be running behind the schedule


Get to Know the Speaker


As an Emcee, you will be introducing the speakers of the corporate event.  Getting to know who they are is a priority for a good corporate event emcee.  It is necessary to practice how to pronounce their names.  You don't want to upset the speaker because you mispronounced his name, or worst you don't want him to focus his speech on how you wrongly pronounced his name.  That would be the end of your career as an Emcee.



Content is the King

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As an Emcee, you'll get the chance to share your insights about the topic presented at the event.  You should understand the discussed topic at the corporate event.  It is polite to thank a speaker after their speech, but everything will sound disconnected if that is all you are good at.  However, if you are aware of the topic and know how to connect it with the event's theme, you will help the attendees understand the purpose of the event.  That is a sign of a good corporate event emcee.




A good corporate event emcee is not required to be a comedic person, but it is not harmful to fill time with a nice story that will replenish the audience's energy.  Who are the audiences?  What industry do they come from?  What age?  These factors can affect their level of humor, thus helping you understand what will work or what will not.

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