5 Natural Remedies For Inflammation and Joint Pain

Most of us may not appreciate the freedom to move until specific issues restrict us from our daily routine.  Some possible problems include inflammation and joint pain.  Arthritis is the cause of the inflammation of your joints; it comes in two forms,  Osteo and Rheumatoid.  These two types of arthritis can affect the joints in different forms, but whichever type of arthritis you have, there are always natural remedies for inflammation and joint pain found in your home.


Natural Remedies For Inflammation and Joint Pain: Dandelion Leaves


Dandelion leaves are known for their high concentration of Vitamin A and C.  It does not only help in repairing the tissue, but it also helps the liver to destroy the impurities in our blood.  Dandelion leaves also contain an anti-inflammatory substance called linoleic acid and linolenic.  Linoleic improves the production of the body of prostaglandin, which restrains the inflammation.  Dandelion can be incorporated into your favorite salad dish or as tea.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Olive oil

With the stability of the virgin olive oil, you might be able to think that it has the property to lubricate your joints and ease arthritis, and it does.  Extra virgin olive oil was discovered to contain oleocanthal, which suppressed the enzymes that causes inflammation, similar to what Advil does.  However, the oleocanthal present in the extra virgin olive oil can be affected by the ripeness of the olive during the time they are pressed.  So, make sure that you only use the “cold-pressed” virgin olive oil cause the more substantial the flavor of the oil is, the higher it contains oleocanthal.


Epsom Salt Soak

 Natural Remedies For Inflammation and Joint Pain

The common misconception about Epsom Salt Soak is that its substance may pose a threat to our bodies.  But naturally, magnesium sulphate is being incorporated in some medicines to relieve us from pain.  It also relaxes our muscles and removes the tightening of our joints.  Unfortunately, our body cannot produce magnesium that is why it is used in some supplements and topical products.


Turmeric Tea


Turmeric tea is known to contain an anti-inflammatory substance that will reduce the effect of both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.  Turmeric contains curcumin which is known to be a powerful anti-oxidant.  Just like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it also restricts the enzymes that are responsible for inflammation.


Juniper Berries

 Juniper Natural Remedies For Inflammation and Joint Pain

Juniper berries contain a substance called terpinen-4-ol that reduces the pain caused by arthritis.  It represses the monocyte (a specific type of white blood cell) part of our immune system that responds to inflammation.  Prickly Juniper and also common Juniper are the types of Juniper that contain terpene.  If taken daily, this will significantly reduce the uneasiness caused by joint pain.  It can be taken as a tea by adding the dried berries of the Juniper to fresh water and honey.  It is important to remember that taking Juniper while pregnant is significantly prohibited.


So, there you have it.  You can always find a natural treatment for the concerns that your body is experiencing.  Most of the time, natural remedies for inflammation and joint pain can bring a better result as it does not contain chemical substances that may result in an adverse effect.


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