4 Essential Ways on How to Create Meaningful Time with Your Kids

Going to work, driving the kids, preparing meals, and fulfilling the daily household chore are necessary; unfortunately, this also means that the time we spend for our kids is limited.  Parents tend to get pulled in different directions due to the amount of responsibility.  We are responsible for executing a commendable performance at work and taking care of the house, but there are healthier ways to do that.  By choosing the healthier option, we will be able to create a meaningful time with your kids.


create a meaningful time with your kids

Create a Meaningful Time with Your Kids: Make Sure to Have a Meal as a Family


Mealtime is one of the most critical family-bonding moments. You can have a meaningful conversation with your kids and catch up on what's happening in their lives.  Set definitive rules when the family is in the dining area.  It would help to ban electronic gadgets and let them focus on their healthy meal and the conversation.  You may also encourage the kids to assist you in preparing the food.  Sacrifice the cleanliness of your kitchen to have a meaningful time with the kids.  Make their mealtime a priority.  Ensure that they will find their mealtime enjoyable. Mealtime is one way to create a meaningful time with your kids.


Make it a Fun Ride

 create a meaningful time with your kids

Living in LA, I know some people who hate driving kids because of the sheer fact that it takes too much of their time.  But not me; I do enjoy the extra 40 minutes of having a meaningful conversation with them. It's like a magical opportunity to update myself on what's happening with their lives and their friends.  During that specific time, none of us were busy.  They are not doing their homework, and I do not attend to my work and household chores.


The Tech-Free Zone

 Family Bonding

Take the gadgets and computers out of their bedroom where you cannot monitor them to create a meaningful time with your kids.  Place it in the living room; you can monitor their gadget's usage and talk to them while you are doing your household chores.  It will also be great to play their games so you will have something in common and something to talk about.  However, see to it that you will set a definite timeframe when using these gadgets.


What if You Don't Have Time?

 Family Bonding

Some of our work schedules are too tight that we won't be able to stop until 3:00 am; however, you still have a chance to talk with them by using a 'Phantom Time.'  Some kids appreciate the small notes that their Mom left on their lunchboxes.  Take advantage of today's technology and record a short video.  You only need to be creative to create a meaningful time with your kids.


Giving your kids a fraction of your time opens a lot of learning opportunities.  It is also a chance for them to be heard.  Make sure that you designate even a tiny portion of your time for your kids since this is the best way to create a meaningful time with your kids.



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