4 Applications to Control Kid's Use of Gadgets


The online world has opened a vast universe for us to explore.  It revolutionized the way we interact, do business, advance our career and others.  However, despite the benefits that it presents, it also exposed us to online threats.  Our kids are particularly vulnerable to those threats.  Cyberbullying, trolling, pornographic material, violence, cyberstalking, and identity theft-these are only some of the perils of the online world. Therefore you need to find ways to control your kid's use of gadgets.

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4 Programs and Applications that Can Control Your Kid's Use of Gadgets


To address this problem, many companies have developed a way to control your kid's use of gadgets. It helps you make sure that they are protected from the hazard of the digital world.


1. GPS Tracker

 control your kid's use of gadgets

You need to be aware of your kid's location. Some kids tend to meet someone whom they find in the online world.  How sure are you that the person they're talking to in the digital world is not a child offender who is just using a fake picture to lure the kids?  Most communication service provider offers a GPS tracking device that is unique for every consumer.  Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T offer this type of service on their plan.  You may also use programs, which give you a security map that will provide a precise location of the kids.  There are free mobile applications that can let you add a restriction on your map, and the application will immediately notify you once the kids pass beyond that limit.


2. Parental Control Application

 control your kid's use of gadgets

The cyberworld has a lot of entertaining videos, but they also have videos of violence and pornographic materials that are not ideal for kids. SecureTeen is ideal when blocking different websites, which will prevent them from accessing the site.  You may also shut down the application of your kids if you do not like a particular application.  Best of all, you may monitor it while you are in a remote location.


3. Protecting Them from Threats


Your kid's health can be affected if they are allotting too much time on their gadget.  Remember the news about the teen who died due to a blood clot after playing computer games for 12 hours straight?  Qustodio is a great application because it supports various devices and operating systems; the paid version will allow you to control your kid's use of gadgets.  The free version will be sufficient to set the time frame, block pornographic sites, and set rules.


4. Gadget Spy

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Based on the authority report, there are criminals in the online world using fake pictures to lure their victims.  Smartphone spy will help you monitor your kids' social media accounts, text messages, and calls.  It can give you an insight into their online activity and the people they are interacting with.  It can also give you an idea about their online behavior and whether you need to interfere with their online world.  It is not a form of invading their privacy but ensuring that they are safe online.


These are ways to take advantage of the technology and use it to monitor your kids to ensure their safety and security online. As a parent, it is your responsibility to control your kid's use of gadgets.


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