3 Crucial Tips When Planning Physical Activities for Kids


It is essential to provide your kids with diverse indoor and outdoor activities to support their physical and mental development and get them off their gadgets.  During their development stage, they must be exposed to various physical activities for kids with different intensity levels and not something that will prompt them to sit for extensive hours.  The level of activities required by the children will be contingent on their age. 


Physical Activities for Kids

Top 3 Tips on Physical Activities for Kids to Take them off Their Gadgets


Children less than five years old who can already walk should remain physically active for at least 3 hours daily.  To support their needs, you need to plan indoor and outdoor playdates that will be challenging and engaging.  Here are some tips that will keep them off their gadget, increase physical activities for kids, and provide them great opportunities to hone their social skills.


Tip #1:  Choose a Theme for their Activity

 Fun Activities for Kids

Set a structured time where they are allowed to play with their gadgets. There must also be time for physical activities for kids. To make this fun, you can choose a theme.  When selecting a variety of themes, make sure that all kids will participate in making it engaging.  It is also essential to pay good attention to their skills and their interest so you can adjust their activity gradually.


Tip #2: Spending Time with Them

 Activities for Kids

Nowadays, we do not spend so much time with our kids due to our busy schedules.  Although their pre-school provides physical activities for kids, we need to support them with activities at home.  If you cannot leave your house or are too busy, you may still promote indoor structured activities.  Structured activities are an organized type of game that has rules and time limits. It requires a minimum amount of supervision. If you can go on an outdoor adventure, try to plan a game in a nearby facility.  Leave the car and gadgets behind so you will have a long time talking with each other while walking, biking, or running.


Tip #3:  Choose a Game that will Develop the 7 Senses


Yes, you heard it right; contrary to what most people believe that we only have five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight), we all have other two senses; the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. The proprioceptive can be located at our connective tissue and muscles.  They can be triggered by movement, and it is crucial in the development of motor skills.  The vestibular sensory is situated in the inner ear.  It is essential in determining the direction and the speed of the movement.  When choosing physical activities for kids, make sure that they can stimulate their seven senses.  Playing gadgets all day will make these extra two senses dormant and immensely affect the kid’s development.  Some activities that develop these seven senses are cooking, playing a musical instrument, dancing, and listening to music.


By thoughtfully planning physical activities for kids, you can encourage them to make decisions and divert their attention to more meaningful activities.  It is also a perfect time to instill good values in your kids.


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