10 Challenges of Student Housing


Now that the world is slowly adapting to the recent crisis, students around the globe may need to deal with a daunting issue-looking for an available student housing option. Students that just got accepted to an institution, university, language school, and college in any nation may not believe that lodging can be a nightmare during their first year. However, the place where you will stay can truly influence your studies and college life. Here are some challenges of student housing that most students, especially freshmen, have to face.


Challenges of Student Housing



The ideal place for the students would be within the grounds of the campus. Unfortunately, most of the time, the campus will not have the capacity to accommodate 100% of the enrollees. Most schools offer lodging at their residences for rookies; the rest are left to confront the truth by choosing the traditional room rental options. Along these lines, finding a decent location can be a struggle in a heavily swarmed place where the choices are limited.



 Challenges of Student Housing

Numerous universities are over-populated. You don't really expect that there will be a space for you in the college dorm, do you? With the restricted flats and homes around the campus, the ideal ones are constantly occupied. You would be fortunate if you discover a rent-a-room or a basement in a house close to the campus. You may have to look around at least 60 days before you can find the ideal off-campus housing.


Lease Term


Another source of the student's headache would be the lease term; if you ask me, it is quite absurd since most of the programs come with two semesters a year, lasting for nine months on average. After that, most of them will escape their campuses for the summer vacation. Surprisingly, they will have to pay for the entire 12 months because standard student housing offers the typical cost for a 12-month lease cycle.


Lease Contract


Background check, the government-managed savings, renter's insurance, loads of dubious terms, tenant's history, and references may sound like you are applying for a job at the FBI. Disappointing right? Imagine how stressful it is for a student that just completed secondary school. Obviously, they won't be able to provide the majority of these requirements without somebody's assistance.


Security Deposit

 Challenges of Student Housing

If you don't have the supporting records appended to your application, you need to attach a pleasant three-figure check. Paying a one-month or two-month security deposit is enormous and can be extremely challenging to secure.




With all the things aforementioned, the most essential element for the students when finding a room rental is obviously the cost. If you choose to live in a pleasant and safe area with high demand and low supply, ECO 101 says that price hits the skies. Don't be surprised if it surpasses the annual school educational expenses.




Imagine you figured out a solution to all these challenges, the property manager gets your signature and hands you the key, and it comes with an affordable 12-month contract. You get in, and it is all vacant. Now what? You may have to buy furniture or search for pre-loved furniture on Craigslist with bedbugs. Let me break down the cost. Twin bed, twin mattress, couch, kitchen table, kitchen seat, study table, and TV set. Well, around $1,000. You need to purchase them, deliver them to your new space, and set them up. Sounds challenging.


Home necessities

 Challenges of Student Housing

As a normal human being, you require things like a spoon, knife, light, bed-set, pillow, and bathroom curtain, so you don't spill the water everywhere. You will have to spend around $500 to avail all the essential home necessities.




For students with a median budget, you will need a student housing option at an affordable rate. Hence, you will most likely need to lease a 3-bedroom apartment and split the expense with others. Sounds cool! By what means will you find your roommates? Will you be able to trust them? Will they be committed to the lease for 12 months? How would you know whether there is no psycho among your roommates?




This word will be familiar to you as it is included in your monthly obligations. When you move into your new apartment, you have to set up power, internet, gas, sewage, and so forth, and then you have to track and pay for them consistently.


It sounds like you aren't there to concentrate on your study but to manage a property. Challenges of student housing can be exceptionally trying to numerous students, and it has consistently been a top issue for newcomers. It may sound defeatist and critical, but it is a reality that we all need to face. By being aware of the problems, you will be better equipped to handle them.

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