Why People Like Shopping Before Christmas


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The biggest shopping season of the year is not the Cyber Monday sale or Black Friday Sale; it is during Christmas.  During this season, different establishments and shops offer their products at a much lower rate during the entire month of December (sometimes exceeding). In other places, families will start to complete their list before December comes. If you are managing a business, you probably want to know why people like shopping before Christmas.


Reasons Why People Like Shopping Before Christmas


Based on the study, the most important day for the retail industry would be during Super Saturday, since it attracts the highest volume of shoppers. Super Saturday is that Saturday before Christmas day, where shoppers flock to the mall to shop for presents and items.  You’re probably wondering why people like to shop in advance. Here’s why people like shopping before Christmas.


 why people like shopping before Christmas

Christmas Season:  Shopping Season


The Christmas Shopping Season usually starts after Halloween.  Last year, more than 30 million had already finished their shopping errands even before the start of Halloween.  Based on the study, bout 15% of the Americans will be completing their Christmas List earlier than expected, and around 20% will finish before the end of November.  The early release of the Bonus, Early Sale, and avoiding the influx of shoppers during the last week of the season are some reasons why people like shopping before Christmas.


Christmas Sale


During Christmas, the industry that benefits a lot would be the toys and gaming industry.  Toys R Us is getting as much as a 344% increase in its sales.  The entire gaming industry has posted a 183% increase in people visiting their shops and establishments.  The increase in sales can be attributed to the fact that Christmas is for kids, and a considerable percentage of the shoppers are shopping gifts for their kids. The majority of the sales in the toys industry happen a few days before Christmas Day.  It has added to the high amount of traffic the malls receive during the week before Christmas.  The best offers and sales can also be found a few days before the Holidays, which is why people like shopping before Christmas.  There is also a possibility that the products will be offered a higher discount than the original discount, which is why more and more people are choosing the last days to do some shopping.


School Works


To those who are studying, finishing school responsibilities is a lot important than completing their Christmas List. The finals or Hell week are usually done during the final weeks of the class before the break.  Students will then buy their presents after they manage to find out the result of their exam so they may be able to enjoy their vacation fully. It is why people like shopping before Christmas.


Poor Planning

 Christmas Shopping

Busy people are thinking about doing the Christmas dinner shopping and present shopping in one.  People believe that they will save a lot of time when they do this, plus the ingredients they will purchase will not be spoiled.  This notion may be accurate; however, they can already shop for those ingredients with a long expiration period and complete the list of ingredients on the last day before Christmas.


If you want to avoid the surge in traffic during the Christmas Season, you can do your Christmas shopping online.  Online shops offer you a convenient way to complete your list without the hassle of driving miles and squeezing through the heavy influx of shoppers. However, it would be best if you also thought about the high amount of orders online. It may help you understand why people like shopping before Christmas.


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