What is Custom Websites Design?


custom website design

A website serves as the face of your business online. It offers you the opportunity to showcase the core of your business and the type of products or services you are providing to the consumers.  However, thousands of websites similar to your niche already exist in the online world; this is where web design enters.  Custom website design can guarantee that your website will be accessible, unique, and competitive.  Here are some pieces of information that will help you know what web design is.


8 Elements of Custom Website Design of 2022

 custom website design

Search engine sites have been implementing a lot of changes every year.  These changes can affect the custom websites design, which will lead to the introduction of the new elements.  

Aside from the usual content, font, graphics, color, and layout, here are more specific features you need to pay attention to this 2022.


Large and Unique Typography


The font of your website has become an integral component of web design. Once the audiences get an idea of the overall concept of your site, they will start focusing on the text. 

Therefore, before you begin to glue the different components, it is recommended to consider your font design. There are various sites where you can find desirable fonts.  

Look for something unique, but at the same time, make sure that it is clean and readable. Make sure that the custom websites design will not divert their attention from the core purpose of your business.

  • Start With the Basic- Choosing from thousands of available font designs can easily overwhelm you. Therefore, it would be better if you stick with the basics. Consider the elementary design like Sans or Serif. You can also choose the conventional font like Times New Roman and Georgia.
  • Contrast- If you want to highlight the different texts and make a sentence stand out, consider using a contrasting font design. Think about the structure, form, color, weight, and size of the font.
  • Alignment- You should already figure out the alignment of the text beforehand. Some may think that this is an insignificant element; it dramatically contributes to custom websites design. Usually, texts that are aligned to the left will be highly readable.



Responsive Images for Custom Websites Design


The audience that your website will receive will come from various locations.  They will access it using different types of gadgets.  

You need to ensure that the images you will include in your custom websites design will appear the same regardless of accessing your site on PC or mobile. 

It is a slightly technical subject. Understand that once an image is uploaded to a website, It will be given default width and height. 

With a bit of CSS knowledge, you can change this. You will be able to assign your desired value to the image's width, and the length will adjust according to it.


Video on Background


A video that automatically starts in the background of your page can add value to your website.  It will allow you to tell your story and incredibly reduced the time needed to deliver your business' message. 

However, you should also be careful in using this strategy since it may affect your loading speed. As the study says, the audience will leave the site if it fails to load within less than 3 seconds. 

Rather than uploading the video directly on your web design, some prefer to embed it to lessen the burden.


Semi-Flat Custom Website Design

 Website design

Flat design started last 2013, wherein it does not include any 3D objects (even shadows).  It loads quickly, and the design is easy to understand.   

However, this 2022, a subtle addition of dimension and shade will provide depth to your design. This design is also known as flat 2.0. 

Nowadays, it is just too common to encounter this on custom websites design and different apps and software, for instance, on Apple operating system. 

It is a way for you to enjoy the benefits of the flat design while overcoming its lapses.


The Hamburger Menu


Most of today's website comes with a long menu that takes a significant space in your design.   This issue can be addressed with the use of hidden or the hamburger menu. 

Most audiences are familiar with a hamburger menu. It can be found in the apps and games they use. It is clean; no one wants to navigate on a messy custom website design

Also, with this option, you will never overwhelm your audience with the choices. Web surfers are likely to feel frustrated when they are given more than the necessary number of options. 

It is also a perfect alternative for the navigational menu.


Product Images for Custom Website Design


B2B websites are now starting to showcase product images.  It will help the designer to highlight the different features of the product more efficiently. 

Most business web pages also serve as the landing page. By adding the product image, you are showing them what you can offer. 

Remember that you have only 10 seconds to educate the audience about your product offering. Otherwise, you will be losing business opportunities.


Card Design


Due to the rise in popularity of Pinterest, marketers and designers became instantly fascinated with the card design.  This custom websites design element will allow them to break up small pieces of their content into the card.


Feature Video for Custom Websites Design


Web developer

Aside from the video on background that some companies use, some are opting for a feature video.  These are short videos, but they are great in adding solutions to one's life.  It is a great way to influence the decision of the buyers.


These are some of the essential elements that you should incorporate in your custom websites design this 2022.  Follow this and you can guarantee that you will have an improved exit rate and bounce rate.

Tips in finding Web Developer for Custom Websites


Finding a web developer is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make in your marketing strategy. Your website will serve as your face in the online world, and if the web page is not professionally designed, the online users might create a bad impression of your company. 

So it is essential to find the perfect web developers for your custom websites. Here are some tips to help you find a professional web developer.



Request Samples

 Custom Websites Design

Anybody can claim that they are a web developer, but only a few can furnish you with desirable custom websites. Additionally, a few web designers are okay at making sites, yet they don't utilize a layout that will function admirably for a designated site. 

By requesting a couple of samples, you can ensure that the configuration and format will be perfect, and the web developers you are planning to hire will make the ideal site for you.


Services Included


Distinctive organizations provide diverse administrations, so ensure that you discover what is incorporated with the custom websites designing package before hiring them. 

For instance, a few organizations charge a specific expense only to create the webpage. Afterward, they will turn over the website maintenance to you or charge you a maintenance fee for managing your website. 

Other web developers will offer various administrations alongside their web design package, like website streamlining, SEO services, and quality content. 

Discovering what is incorporated in their service will help you settle on the right choice for your money-related circumstance and offer you some assistance with understanding what's in store.


Ask Essential Questions

 Custom Websites Design


Before settling on a web developer, you should ask them a few questions to determine their competence. 

Along these lines, if you are pondering about specific things, you ought to take a seat and ask the web developers with a couple of inquiries to guarantee that you have an unmistakable comprehension of their capacity to develop custom websites design

If the web developer refuses to answer your questions, you might need to pick another agency.


Search for Reviews and Testimonial


Although you will not entirely see positive input, reviews, and testimonials on a certain company, these reviews can offer you some assistance with determining if procuring the service of a web developer is a smart thought or not. 

If you see most reviews claiming that the organization is a sham, it is highly recommended to stay away from it.


A few agencies in the market will not provide the best custom websites. To ensure the quality of their design, make sure that you will do careful analysis and consideration in hiring web developers or graphic designers.



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