Ways on How to Make Money Writing Online with Blogging

make money online with blogging


Everyone would love to know the idea behind the process of generating money through blogging.  You are probably running your blog due to the common misconception that it is an easy way of gaining cash, but lack of knowledge and motivation are some of the causes of why people will discontinue their blog.  As a Blogger, there are different approaches to creating a blog, you may use it to write a personal, informative, friendly, or promotional article.  But no matter what your purpose is, there are myriads of ways on how to make money writing online.  Here are some of them.


Tops Ways on How to Make Money Writing Online



Before we walk you through the different processes to make money writing online, you need to know two known types of Adverts. CPC (cost per click), also known as PPC (pay per click), are ads that you usually place in your sidebar or within the content.  You are generating money the moment that someone clicks on your Ads.  The next type would be the CPM or cost per impression.  The amount you will gain will be based upon the number of people that will view the advertisement.


Private Ads


You should know that you are not only limited to working with the Affiliate network when blogging; you can also directly work with the advertiser.  You may approach them to place an advertisement on your blog site.  Since you are not working with the advertising network, you will be free to set your rate.  There are different ways to promote them; you may use a banner, link, or a button.


Sponsored Post


Another way to make money writing online would be to write a sponsored post.  When writing a sponsored post, you are generally restricted on providing the advantage of the product.  You have to write based on the company's perspective and not as a consumer.  You can also write a review that will help the consumers to decide whether they should purchase the product or not.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the type of ad network wherein the advertiser will provide you a commission for the sales.  You will be provided with a code to help the advertiser identify if the traffic originated from your blog site.  Amazon is one of the well-known ad networks that are focused on affiliate marketing.

how to make money online with blogging


Selling Digital Product


You may also use your blog site to sell digital products such as themes, plug-ins, applications, videos, images, online courses, and ebooks.  Always remember that you have to make your digital product related to the content of your page.  You should also analyze your audience's behavior before considering the type of digital product that you want to offer.


Companies are running a separate blog site to serve as a tool for content marketing for their business.  With blogging, the possibility to make money writing online is virtually endless.  You may also sell membership or use it to build your authority in the market

Choosing an Ad Network


When you plan to make money writing online, your primary source of income would be an advertisement. There are different types of affiliate and ad networks online, and there are various ways how they pay their members. Ad networks will base your earnings on the Click-through-Rate, impression, call-to-action, and sales.


What is an Ad Network?


Make Money Writing Online

Ad Network provides an avenue for the digital publisher or the blogger to display advertisements on their blogsite. To look at it from a basic perspective, the ad network is consists of ads from the advertisers. The publisher will then allow the ad network to display these advertisements on their site to attract possible customers. Basically, you will be provided with a specific code that will permit you to introduce the ads on your site. The ad network will then monitor your site's amount of traffic and impression.


The Top Benefits of Ad Network

 Make Money Writing Online

1.      Save Time- By being a member of the ad network, you can immediately display advertisements on your blog site. You do not have to wait for an advertiser to notice your page.


2.      Billing and Payment Are Eliminated- Through an Ad network membership, the standard billing and payment process is eliminated. You will see the amount of money you generated on the dashboard, and it will immediately be transferred into your account the moment it reaches a certain threshold.


3.      The Opportunity to Work with Bigger Brands-These Advertising networks has been consistently attracting bigger brands in the market. This means that you have the chance to work with big players in the industry.

4.      Bring Opportunities with Banner ads- If you manage to work with the bigger brand, there is a higher possibility for your visitor to notice your banner ads which you can use to make money writing online.


Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network

 Make Money Writing Online

1.      Check their publishers-Research is always the most important factor in choosing the ad network. You need to ensure that they are working with highly credible bloggers. To ensure that they employ strict guidelines when approving the publisher's application, you should take a look at their policies. The best affiliate networking site requires a high amount of impression per month.


2.      Check the Advertiser- you should also guarantee that their advertisers are not a sham. If they are offering a high amount of commission for the amount of traffic you send them and you are not generating any money, be very concerned about it. Most of them are only using your site as a source of traffic.


3.      Service they provide- Features of the Ad Network are another major factor to consider when you want to make money writing online. As a blogger, you will need additional tools that will help you improve your earnings. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads provide tools to enhance the user experience.


4.      Delivering their promise-the credibility of the ad network will let you know if they can deliver their promise or not. Some of them have a certain payout scheme that will only allow you to withdraw your fund if it reaches a certain amount. A scam Ad Network will stop sending you the advertisement when you are near the stated threshold.


These are just some things that you need to consider when looking for a reliable and trustworthy Ad Network. These are all essentials if you want to learn how to make money writing online.

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