Video Marketing the Rising Popularity

Video marketing is an integral part of the company’s marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of video-sharing sites, it is tough to ignore them. YouTube is one of the biggest sites, second only to Google. Videos can keep your visitors engaged and reduce your bounce rate and exit rate. According to the research, the attention span of the audience has shortened. Therefore, videos will be more effective in increasing your engagement rate than written content.


How Effective is Video Marketing?

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According to the study released by Cisco, 69% of all the network traffic accounts for the video content. People are now consuming videos to gather information about the company. Therefore, small and local businesses need to implement this strategy in their video advertising process. Experts believe that it will not take too long before video marketing becomes the core of the internet marketing strategy. More than half of the companies operating in the US today are already aware of its potential. Based on the numbers released by Nielsen, about 64% believe that it will soon dominate the internet marketing game.


Why Should You Use Video Marketing?


When talking about reach, video marketing is simply unparalleled. YouTube alone gets a minimum of 1 billion views. Therefore, the number of prospects that may encounter your video is higher. We have seen companies creating videos that went viral over the years. Even a small business can gather millions of views which can help them reach a profit of 12-figures.


It is Fair

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Video Marketing is a way to level the playing field.  Whether you are an SME or a big player in the industry, you all have the potential to reach your audience. Ensure that you are incorporating the right SEO strategy into your marketing. Be aware of the latest trend and the latest changes in the Google Algorithm and implement them into your techniques. It will not take too long before you see your videos on top of the search engine results.


It is Shareable


The fact that you can share the video with just a click of the mouse button makes it a very efficient tool for marketing. Therefore, the video that you uploaded on your YouTube channel will not just stay there. Your audience will likely share them as long as they find them entertaining and relevant. The videos will continue to circulate on different channels. One good tip to remember is to keep the video short and accurate. Viewers should immediately understand the purpose of your video marketing.


Does it Work on Local Businesses?

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It is essential to employ local SEO in your business to ensure that your target market finds them. Use long-tail keywords and add your area of operation to your focus keywords, such as marketing fort Lauderdale” or “SEO Ft. Lauderdale”.  If you decide to use a general keyword, like “mobile marketing,” you will have to battle it out with larger companies that have the resources to burn to guarantee their position on the first page of the search result. Instead of using  SEO marketing,” you may opt for “local business SEO fort Lauderdale” to reach potential customers within the scope.


Always be aware of the potential of social media when creating video marketing.  Be creative in the video you are making and on the search engine optimization technique.  Based on the study, creativity topples any amount of production cost.


Reading vs. Watching Video

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In case you notice, the digital advertising strategy of different companies nowadays is a mix of video marketing and normal text. A healthy mixture of various forms of marketing is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and it is a better approach to widen your reach. Some people would rather read a lengthy and informative text, and then others love watching relatable videos. However, when looking at a business perspective, we want to know which one is more effective in attracting traffic and translating that to revenue.


A Comprehensive Analysis of Video Marketing


A study held in the UK which involved 1,000 individuals, revealed that the possibility that people will share a video marketing is much higher compared to sharing an article. They also realized during the same study that people would more likely click on the video advertisement than rich media and banner advertisement. Videos posted on social media sites such as Facebook are shared 12x more than text articles. Based on the latest statistics released by YouTube, at least 100 million online users are watching and interacting with more than a single video per week.

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When you create an animated video for video marketing, you are giving yourself the power to engage different people in a way that an article can't. Reading a text article requires the full concentration and attention of the reader to discern the content's message fully. Though we'd like to believe that people can focus their 100% attention on an article, most of them have a short attention span and tend to do multi-tasking. On the other hand, people can absorb the information within a video without giving their full attention. You may work on your other task while listening to the speaker on the video.


Reading Text

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Text is an essential part of the company's SEO and digital marketing efforts.    It is important since this is how search engine sites index a page. However, creating an article is more than just for SEO. There are instances that the user wants to digest information at their preferred pace. Text articles with various subheadings will hint at what is being discussed. On a video marketing, the message is often mixed, and they have to watch the entire content to find out if the video has the information they are looking for. With text, they can skim and read the subheadings to determine if it contains educational information. 


The winner is difficult to determine when deciding which one is better between text and video marketing. When you want to reach a different type of audience, you may need to ensure that you will post a mixture of content; video, text, image, audio, and others. Broadening your horizon on the content you post will guarantee that your message will reach more consumers. Regardless of the method you prefer, it is still essential to let the audience understand that you can deliver information at different approaches to increase your online credibility.

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