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Promo video has become an integral part of most companies marketing strategies.  YouTube alone is receiving a minimum of 4 billion views each day.  It is the 2nd largest search engine site, next to Google who also owns YouTube.  According to research, at least 78% of the population watch a video on YouTube once a week, 55% watch a video daily.  Furthermore, sales video posted on YouTube also appears on different major search engine sites, allowing you to reach a wider audience. 92% of the B2B customers also watch an online video.  Furthermore, 34% of the purchasers tend to buy the product after watching a sales video. 48% of the consumers also stated that they trust online sales video for business.


Promo Video for Business Helps you Become More Competitive

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Promo Video has been incorporated in the marketing campaign of different companies to increase the engagement of their visitors.  They also tend to include it in their email, which increases the chances of opening the email by at least 5.6%.  Video marketing for business also massively increase the CTR (Click-through rate) by an astounding 96%.  Introducing video on your landing page will lead to an 80% incremental increase.


The number of executives using promo video has grown to 81% based on the latest release.  That is a massive jump from the 70% in the previous years.  More than half (52%) of the executives also watch explainer videos on video hosting sites and 75% watch sales video for business.


Sales Video Production Creates a Mobile-Optimized Video

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The latest update on the Google algorithm suggests that they prioritize mobile-optimized content, and for a good reason.  More than 60% of the online community is accessing the web through their gadgets.  At least 70% of the content that belongs to a higher SERP ranking is video.  It does not only add to the organic traffic on your site; it also serves as a point of entry for your site.


Around 50% of the traffic on mobiles is received through mobile phones, and 69% of that traffics is from distinct networks.  Based on the response of different companies, at least 85% of them are planning to increase their budget on their video-related content.  Shorter promo video also tends to have a higher engagement as 88.3% of them were completed.


Promo Video Production Creates Video that is Easy to Share

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It is also easy to share videos on social networking sites.  More and more YouTube videos are being watched on Facebook.  A total of 500 years are consumed daily on Facebook.  On Twitter, at least 700 videos, specifically from YouTube, are being tweeted.  The share-ability and the easy integration of the promo video for business make it very efficient and effective.



Legal Considerations during Promo Video Making

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Video advertisement is considered one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Whether you are planning to create a promo video or contract a company to produce your video, it is essential to be aware of the different legal considerations. Since you are considered the client and the distributor of the video, it is essential to understand some of the legal implications involved in video making. Some video production companies are bending these rules, but we still recommend playing it safe to avoid repercussions.


Creating False Claims and Statements


Like in the different forms of advertising, creating deceptive and false statements is both illegal and ethically incorrect. Some industries are closely monitored and regulated under these terms, such as the mining industry. When you are in the process of creating the script for your promo video, it would be wise to work hand-in-hand with a lawyer before finding a production company that will produce it.


Licensing of the Video and Photo


If a particular image or clip included in the promo video is not solely owned by the company or client, a release or license should be obtained first. You may have the impression that you own certain content, but in reality, this content is only licensed for a specific purpose and may not be apt for video use. The licensing fee can vary depending on the number of viewers, industry, geographic region, and the extent of time. 


Music License

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If you want to lose a hefty amount of money and deal with dozens of lawsuits, use copyrighted material in your promo video. Even if the video you create is for internal use only, it is still illegal to utilize copyrighted materials. Like the video and photo mentioned above, music should also be properly licensed.


Trademarks and Logo

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When you are creating promo video, you need to avoid even the accidental appearance of trademarks and logos of other companies. You need to observe extreme carefulness when taking shots to make sure that you will not capture license plates, street advertisement, product label, and other trademark or logo


Release Forms


Those who will appear in your promo video should sign a release form regardless if they are just appearing for a random interview or even if they will serve as a background. If a former employee appears on your sales video, it is always recommended to re-shoot the footage. Another type of release form that you should secure is for the location. On a normal occasion, the filming will happen at a studio or the client's office; however, this is not entirely the case. There were instances when the video had to be filmed privately.

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Digital promo video is an essential part of the company's marketing tactics. Proper collection and authentication of the video will ensure that you stay away from any legal claims and issues.

Can Video Make People Buy Our Product?


Last year, online consumers spent less than $400 billion on various online products, and that number is predicted to increase this year exponentially. This is a considerable amount of revenue, and every business wants to have a share of that financial pool through different online advertisements and digital marketing strategies such as video animation. However, if you have no idea how to convince the consumer to purchase your product when creating promo video, it will not translate to your company’s revenue. If you analyze some of the most effective video advertisements online, you will notice similar features among them.


An Effective Sales Video Creates the Need

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The successful promo video animation will convince the audience that they need the product. One of the main reasons people are not buying your product is that they do not see the need to purchase your product right now. There are various ways to convince them that purchasing your product is necessary; one effective approach is making them curious about your product. You may also inject an ‘emotional appeal’ to your video. For instance, let us consider a TV receiver that will allow you to watch on-demand videos on your TV. You do not necessarily need this since you have a cable connection if you think about it. Suppose you create an animated video that shows how they can save $1000 annually by cutting their cable and settling for a TV receiver. In that case, they might consider buying your product.


Video Advertisement Should Make the Consumers Believe

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People are skeptical and doubtful once they see an advertisement that is too good to be true. However, as a marketer, you need to convince them that it is true. If you notice, hundreds of videos online are just stating that a product is highly compatible, efficient, simple to install and maintain, and other flowery words. You need to make them believe in your statement.   How do you show that a product is just easy to install? Show them on your promo video animation how it’s done. You may also ask your past consumers to create a testimonial about your product.



Provide an Incentive

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Finally, you need to convince consumers that your product will give them their money’s worth. Most people watching a promo video animation for a new product will instantly think that the price is too high. In the end, they will not be encouraged to create this type of investment. To find a solution to this common problem, you may offer a reward for people who finished watching the video, such as a discount code or a promotional item. Be sure to state that this is only a limited promo which will create that urgency.


The online market provides a huge opportunity in today’s global market. However, to be a successful online entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your video animation is optimized by using the different marketing methodology possible. Start looking at your promo video advertisement today and see what you probably missed.



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