Juggling on Various Role Can Affect Your Business Growth


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Generally, in a startup, it is very tempting for the founder of the business to wear various hats; multiple things need to be accomplished. You think that you can invest the extra funding in other means when you choose not to employ dedicated people.  It is probably a good move on a startup, but the benefits of juggling become insignificant as your company grows.  While there are benefits that you can enjoy in juggling the responsibilities, there will come a time that you will need to hire people to support your business growth.


When Juggling Can Support Your Business Growth

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During the startup, controlling the overall expenses would be the wiser choice.  The initial purpose of the startup is to search for a business model, and the money that will cover the costs will come directly from the founder's pocket. Having marketing teams and giving them $45,000 for employee expenses will not make any sense, especially if your only goal is customer research.


A Multi-Talented Employee


Hiring a team with jack-of-all-trade members is an ideal thing to do for the startup.  The founder should assume the position of Brand Ambassador, Sales Director, and CEO simultaneously.  If you have a partner in this business, you may ask them to play the role of Community Manager, Marketing VP, and COO.  This is one of the reasons why experts in the industry advise aspiring entrepreneurs to find a cofounder.  By maximizing productivity and controlling the expenses, you will get out of the startup phase immediately.


When Juggling Can Hurt Your Business Growth

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When you hire a team that can juggle tasks, there is a possibility that they have a specific role in your business.  You initially asked them to branch out of the other areas to fill the gap in your industry.  The nature of business juggling will hurt your business growth once your team loses their focus and becomes overwhelmed by the various roles.  It may affect their performance on their primary responsibility.


Hiring Proxy Worker Can Halt Your Business Growth


These teams are often called proxy workers, proxy marketing teams, which is not a sign of disrespect for what they are trying to accomplish.  It is a term used to acknowledge the different roles that they are taking outside of their organization.  It is also a way to highlight their tremendous amount of contribution to the business growth.



When the business starts to develop and expand, hiring a team of proxy workers can affect the progress of your business.  For instance, if the founder of the company is too busy marketing the company, this issue will slow down the progress of the business.  Make sure you know the fundamental role of the CEO and not just to sell the business.


Juggling works in your business is essential to your business, but only on a particular point.  Hiring a team with a definite specialization will have the ability to support your business growth and expansion.

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