Effective Communication Skill Essential Tips


Effective communication skill is one of the most neglected skills, yet it is essential in our daily lives.  Through practical communication, we can improve our socialization and boost our confidence.  It can, in effect, create a better living by sharing our ideas and knowledge, which produces better output.  It can also enhance our exchange of thought in our community life.  Here are some tips to brush up on your communication skills.


A Complete Guide on Effective Communication Skill


Communication Skills

The tips that we will enumerate here could hopefully help you enhance your communication skills. Pay attention to this guide and remember them when you are in a particular situation.


Listen Attentively

 Positive Conversation

If you want to have an effective communication skill, you must be a well-listener.  Listening to the other party's story will create a better exchange of insights about a specific topic.  See to it that you will sustain an open mind during your conversation.  Respect the other person's point of view regarding a particular issue.  Maintain eye contact with the speaker.  Finally, please do not interrupt the other person when they are speaking.


Be Mindful of the Other Party


Notice the body language of the other party when communicating.  If the other party is exhibiting some yawning, a deep sigh, lost eye contact, and fidgeting of fingers, the other party may not be interested in the topic.  You can ask him about the cause of his anxiety, or better yet, you should postpone the discussion if this is about an important matter.  Examining the body movements is also a part of effective communication skill.


Sensitive Topic


If the topic is about a highly sensitive issue, be mindful of your words and notice the changes in the other party's attitude.  You should ask them about their insights first before sharing your own.  Asking about their insights on a particular issue will make them feel like their thoughts are being valued.  Do not sound too aggressive when emphasizing your point.  You can be assertive without being pushy or forceful.  Try to maintain the level of your tone when speaking.   It can make you a lot charismatic to other people and ensure a more harmonious relay of thoughts. Effective communication skill is also about being empathic.





Before you even start your conversation, be sure to thank the other party for spending his precious time in your discussion.  We are all aware that this is necessary. Showing a simple way of gratitude can create a better living between two entities.


Connect and Empathize

 Effective Communication Skill

Creating a connection with the other party may be one of the most challenging things to do.   One of the most effective ways is to find a specific topic where both of you will find an interest.  You will always find the same interest in hobbies, families, sports, etc.  Avoid sensitive and controversial issues such as religion, politics, and other cultural beliefs.  It is essential in improving your effective communication skill.


When you cannot avoid discussing a sensitive issue, it is imperative to take account of your feelings and the other party.  Try to view the subject based on their point of view.  When explaining your side on the issue, try to be honest and straightforward as much as possible to avoid miscommunication. These are some points to ponder about when you want to improve your effective communication skill.




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