Dedicated Servers: What is a Dedicated Server?




A dedicated server is defined as the computer in the network solely dedicated to providing the needs of the network.  Depending on the server, there will always be a single computer reserve to offer the needs of the network.  A dedicated server can be a computer that manages the communication across the other computers or printer resources.  In the industry of web hosting, dedicated servers mean rented provision.  The consumer tends to rent out internet connection, security, and server coming from the host.


Different Types of Dedicated Servers

 dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are needed for companies that are experiencing huge internet traffic, with a large online site, companies with a high online credibility, business with big capitals and companies that employ online businesses.


What are Managed Dedicated Servers?


The web hosting service monitors, provides, and maintains the operating system and dedicated servers in managed dedicated servers.  Here, the consumer is not required to have system management resources since the web host generally provides the server.  They will also take care of troubleshooting if there is a problem that will arise in the future.  Medium and big businesses often utilize this feature since it offers a professional, constant, robust, rapid, and dependable online presence.




In an unmanaged dedicated server, everything is managed, maintained, and operated by the client.  The web hosting service simply provides substantial security, the agreed bandwidth, and storage space.   In this case, the company that will acquire the unmanaged dedicated servers needs to have a pool of competent people that will handle all the troubleshooting in case that a malfunction occurs.  However, there were also times that a company could hire the same web host to conduct the technical inspection on their dedicated servers.



The Benefits of Dedicated Servers

 Dedicated servers

·         The dedicated servers offer a lot of advantages to the consumers, including but not limited to; improved performance, higher dependability, increased security, and private utilization of the system, server, and network.


·         The online site will perform better since there is now a single server dedicated especially for the site.  No sharing will happen that will result in improved system performance.


·         It considerably reduces the expenses of the consumer since he no longer has to acquire additional equipment.  Furthermore, the consumer will not require the maintenance of the equipment.


·         In the case of the managed servers, the company will be able to reduce their salary expenses as they will not need the service of a new department responsible for troubleshooting the system.  The web host provider will fix the server when an issue arises.


·         The provider also provides a guarantee of spare parts.  They will be able to immediately supply you with the correct auxiliary parts to fix the problem associated with the dedicated servers.




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