An Overview of the Different Strategic Planning Models

The ideal strategic plan template for a distinct organization is different compared to the others. A particular organization needs to develop its strategic planning models.  The initial stage will start from selecting a specific model and then modify it as the plan sets. Having a comprehensive plan can help you identify your company's current position and enable you to measure your success.


The 5 Distinct Type of Strategic Planning Models

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There are at least five basic models that a company can utilize to create in developing their strategy; organic, scenario, alignment, issue-based, and basic planning.



Basic Planning


Different organizations, primarily SMEs, commonly utilize basic planning.  It is ideal for businesses that haven't done any plan before.  Some of the components of this model include the purpose, the organization's goal, the strategic planning process that needs to be executed, the actions needed to accomplish the goal, and updating and continuous monitoring of the plan.



 Strategic Planning Models

The issue-based model is also referred to as the goal-based model.  Organizations that managed to complete the basic type of planning will generally move to this model.  When using this type of strategic plan template, you need to include the strength/weakness of the company and the opportunity/risk.  A detailed analysis is also necessary to identify and address the primary goal.  The action directing to the stated goal should also be established using this model for your strategic planning.



 Strategic planning template

The general purpose of this specific model would be to guarantee the alignment of the company's mission and the resources needed to function effectively.  It is commonly used by companies that are having trouble with their strategy and need to fine-tune it.  It is about identifying the strategic plan that works and what doesn't work and adjusting the process to improve it.




This model is commonly used together with the other strategic planning models.  It is essential in determining the issues and identifying the goal.  Some of the things involved in this planning process are the external forces and the changes that may affect the company.  It is also essential when creating transitions since it allows the proprietor to identify the possible scenario after the changes take effect.  It is also a plan template that tells the organization how to react to the changes.




Organic strategic planning models would be the traditional type of planning.  They are general, and they cover a broader aspect.  It is also referred to as a "Cause and Effect' Model.  This type of model generally revolves around values.


Creating strategic plan models is essential not only for the company's prosperity but also for the success of individuals.  It will serve as your guide towards your long-term goal and will continuously remind you to keep your motivation high.

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