Why Seniors Should Join Social Media



Age is not a defining factor to enjoy the benefits of social media.  An increasing number of senior Facebook users proved that the older populations are now starting to appreciate social networking sites.  Unfortunately, their numbers are still lagging behind the other age brackets.  Older citizens are now joining YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram as they appreciate the fun and benefits that come with them.


The Benefits of Social Media to Our Seniors

 Seniors on Social Media

According to the latest survey, at least 43% of seniors are now utilizing social media.  This number is anticipated to increase as more and more senior citizens embrace the power of technology.  Most have already given up their old phones with the smartphone.  The influx in the numbers is due to the advantages presented by social networking sites.


Improves Family Ties


Most grandparents wish that there is a way to communicate more often with their grandchildren.  You may probably think that every grandchild will have the time to talk to their grandparents, considering that they always carry their handheld gadgets with them.  Unfortunately, phones are not generally used to call, thanks to the changes caused by the popularity of social media.  Seniors now understand that joining a platform where their families are found will make it a lot easier to connect with them.  It is also a more comfortable and convenient form of conversation compared to calls.


Video and Photo Sharing


The majority of the pictures today are digital, which makes sharing precious memories through social media easier. Photos are being shared online through Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.  Grandparents can easily view the pictures that were just taken recently and create a particular form of closeness to their grandchild.  They can also see the snippets and short clips taken by their grandchild, which makes them updated about their family's life.


Seniors on Social Media can get Discounts and Coupons


All of us love the idea of saving money. For the general population of America that is receiving a fixed income, discounts are essential.  The social media platform offers a unique opportunity to save money in various ways.  Some deals and coupons are being shared on social sites and communities such as Twitter and Groupon.  It is not only fun, but it is also profitable.


Peace of Mind


The distance of the seniors from their families can create a specific form of anxiety and depression, especially if they live alone.  There are horror stories that we heard about grandparents missing their medication, falling in their homes, or skipping their meals for days, leading to severe problems.  Social media is a great way to check the status of your folks and grandparents, which gives both parties peace of mind.


Seniors on Social Media Can Make Online Consultation

 Seniors on Social Media

Nowadays, those who work in the medical field are offering online consultation. With just a few clicks of the button, you can connect to your healthcare provider. Seniors must have this option at this age since they are more vulnerable to the pandemic. Even appointments can now be scheduled through social media. It keeps them updated on their medical condition.


There are even more reasons why seniors should start joining social media platforms.  If you think we missed something, leave it in our comment. We would love to hear your opinion regarding this matter.

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